Reasons Why It's Okay to Say No

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like the only thing option you have is to say
yes, when all you want to do is say no? Are you afraid that you’ll get in trouble or jeopardize a situation? The act of agreeing to everything out of politeness has been so ingrained in our minds since we were young, but the truth is- it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to stick up for yourself and stand by your morals and beliefs. Here are some reasons you should say no:

  1. You can’t control other people’s view of you.

Everybody is going to form an opinion around you, no matter what. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t matter. If you believe you’ve made the right choice in standing your ground and saying no, then why should you care what others think of you?

  1. Only you can identify what’s a priority in your life.

Everyone has their own priorities. If someone is peer pressuring you to do something you’re not comfortable doing, don’t give in. You have those beliefs for a reason and you should stay true to yourself.

  1. You don’t owe anything to anyone.

You don’t owe an explanation or an excuse for your decisions. You are your own independent person who should make your own choices. Pride yourself in that!

  1. Your time is valuable.

If someone is asking you to do something for them, but you’re already overworked, overbooked, and simply way too busy, just kindly decline for another time. Give your reasons and they will understand if they’re a good friend. You have to make time for yourself and putting too much on your plate, especially when it’s unneeded, can really overwhelm you. 

  1. Life keeps going.

The world isn’t going to end if you turn something down. We’re all navigating through our own journeys and you have to believe and trust that you know what’s best for you. Remind yourself that forgiveness and understanding can happen, even if you seemed to have disappointed someone along the way. As long as your intentions are good, you don’t have to stress yourself out.

Saying no isn’t always selfish and doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Time is the most valuable asset you have so use it wisely. There've been many times when friends would get mad or selfish whenever I declined to do something, but I realized that they were the ones that were being selfish. Let go of the pressures of agreeing to everything especially when it conflicts with how you actually feel. It’s okay to be more mindful and cautious about your decisions.

Let us know your thoughts on this article. Have you been in situations where you didn’t say no, but wish you did? Also, will you start saying no more from now on? 

Cry Baby

Written by @tyrahdae

Edited by Esma



  • omg so true. i try so hard to please everyone and myself but i have to stand up for myself and not let anyone get in the way of that. this is so inspirational wow ily

  • In 2020 we’re not apologising for saying ‘no’ and for setting boundaries!!!

  • yes, i would definitely start saying no more often to whatever i decide to because my time is very valuable and i know my priorities. loved this, pls do more!! ♥️

  • Love this🖤

  • yes!!! always put your well being first, and listen to what your body & mind need ❤️❤️

  • It’s not a choice it’s a right to say no. It’s your most powerful word. When you’re going about your life you’re the only one in control and you’ve got the right to say no to the things you want to say no to. Don’t ever feel obligated to say yes if your mind and body don’t want it you don’t want it girl!

  • this is so true!! i find myself saying yes to everything to please the people in my life. i get so caught up in wanting everyone to like me, but you’re so right that people will form their own opinion on me no matter what. gonna try to say no more often now <3

  • love this and this blog is a very good thing. you’re an inspiration and I can’t wait to read more :)

  • super helpful ♡!! Sending positive vibes !

  • This is so true! Especially as women we want to say yes to everything to appear carefree, fun and “cool”. But in reality our mental health is more important than other people finding you appealing.

    Karen Jimena
  • this is too real. i get caught up in try to doing everything so i won’t miss out or so people will like me but. i need to take time for myself and just breathe.

  • my whole life i’ve always felt bad for saying no, i could never stand up for myself and these reasons connect to so many situations i’ve been through where i could’ve just said no! but i was scared of what other would think of me :/
    2020 i will try to use these as reminders to my advantage and stand up for myself.. ily thank you esma ♡


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