ūü™° We've put in countless hours of perfecting every millimeter of our pieces.¬†We¬†pay extreme attention to details when creating each piece,¬†whether it's the waistband stitching of our sweatpants or the¬†silhouette¬†of a dress,¬†and never order already made items. Everything is cut and sew, uniquely designed, and fitted perfect just for you.¬†


♡ Every detail counts. We make every effort to minimize waste and protect the environment. We produce in limited quantities to avoid leftover inventory. Everything we create sells out and goes to a new home.


‚ôĽ We've made the decision to change all of our packaging to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment. You can feel better about ordering with us because our clothing bags¬†are 100% biodegradable. This means they‚Äôre made of plants (corn starch) not plastic. Our¬†shipping mailers are made of 100% recycled material and we highly encourage you to recycle them.¬†We are currently working on making the switch to be fully 100% biodegradable by Summer 2021.


✨ About our jewelry: Most affordable jewelry brands have a plating with a thickness of around .17 microns (that's an extremely thin layer, about 0.05% of gold) which wears off quite quickly. That's why we chose to make everything gold filled. It's much thicker than the average plated jewelry out there. We make sure to use around 1-2.5 microns, so it's still at an affordable value and lasts longer. Click here to read more about our jewelry.