We know a thing or two about jewelry. Most of you probably knew us as Stargaze Jewelry before we were Cry Baby. 

We really missed and enjoy creating jewelry so we've decided to listen to our dedicated customers after receiving numerous messages for us to include jewelry on Cry Baby too. We'll be keeping the collections all limited.


It's hard to keep up with growing your jewelry collection with new styles constantly coming out. We get it. No one wants to spend a fortune unless it's real diamonds or an extremely special gift. We're the type of brand to release new trends at an affordable price while still maintaining great quality.

Most affordable jewelry brands have a plating with a thickness of around .17 microns (that's an extremely thin layer, about 0.05% of gold) which wears off quite quickly.

That's why we chose to make everything gold filled. It's much thicker than the average plated jewelry out there. We make sure to use around 1-2.5 microns, so it's still at an affordable value and lasts longer.

We will be completely transparent with you- our pieces should last 1 year (or more) with proper care: don't shower with it or go to the gym/pool. 

You can definitely cry in it though.

To clean it, gently rub the surface using a soft cloth or cotton boll to help restore shine.