Where are you, Crybaby?


Ever just go through it and put everything on pause? You guys have been asking what happened with the articles (even new arrivals/restocks) and to put it short— last year was such a struggle for the whole world. Even us. We could all agree that 2020 was the biggest crybaby ever.

I’ll keep it short and share all the inside scoop on what happened. First, I decided to moved the warehouse and my life from NY to California. I just needed change personally and for the company as well. Seasonal depression is real and running a business that involves taking content outside, running around everywhere and a lot more, is pretty hard when more than half of the year is brutally cold! We found a new office/warehouse and everything planned, but of course the last two months of moving, the warehouse that we signed a lease with, canceled on us. Not only did we have to find a whole new place within ONE month but we had to do it all while the team was separated across the country. 

This means that we couldn’t order inventory for a few months since there was no destination to go to. Luckily we ended up finding the perfect spot last minute and scheduled everything the last week before the move. We moved around 3,000 sq. foot of space, inventory, items, computers, etc. all across the country (that we found last minute on Uber… literally!) all during a pandemic as well. We took all the safety precautions but you could imagine the extra complications and delays that came with that. From a bunch of trucking issues, lease complications and some of our employees dropping out last minute, we finally packed up and left. 

After finally unpacking and settling in, I had another delay that’s been on my mind for the longest time ever— the logo. As much as I loved the old Cry Baby logo, there was just a lot that didn't sit right with me. In my opinion it was a little bit too curly, I never liked the two word ‘Cry Baby’ style (I always knew and liked it as one word.) I didn’t think it looked good on every single item that I put it on, and I just didn't love how it looked on the website. All of it just looked a bit too young for me. I was thinking of the future and growth of the company and had to make a little change. I wanted something a little more clean, high-end looking, bold (to be a bit more modern—for the website) but didn’t want to take away the ‘vintage feel’ so kept a curve on the C and made it italic. All of this designing and brainstorming of the new logo took around 3-4 months. 

This delayed the process of ordering new items because it meant that I had to update all of the packaging and tags to the new design. It was a big risk for the company, but one that I knew I had to take, for the future of it. As soon as we confirmed and announced the new logo, we placed all of our new orders and updated everything. We also added biodegradable packaging for our clothing (by the end of the year, we hope to change all of our mailers as well!) 

On top of all of this, we were dealing with personal stuff as well. It’s just been a hard year for everyone and it’s okay to take it slow, pause and reflect. So, this is the whole 2020 update and where we have been. 

We finally settled into the new place around end of October 2020 and have been working endlessly to quickly turn this company back around and bring you all a bunch of new items, content and restocks as much as we can. We’re growing our team and line daily and have SO much more to show you this year. Thank you for sticking with us, following our journey and being a crybaby.


Btw, look out for a new article every Wednesday! What do you wanna see next from us? Whether it's clothing pieces or article topics, leave a comment. ⌨️


we love you so much!! i get so happy watching this brand grow. so much love ❤️

alexia March 17, 2021

I’m so happy you guys are back, you guys make me happy <3 I’ve been supporting crybaby since it was first created and started to buy items in 2019 and I have about 10 items from crybaby haha and I cannot wait to buy more <3

Trinity March 10, 2021

this is CRYBABYS year and we’re just livin in it

Leena March 10, 2021

I can’t wait to see more clothes from you guys! I own a piece of almost everything and love the new sport collection!

S March 10, 2021

props to you guys for turning everything around and getting things slowly back on track!! its not easy but it’s necessary sometimes. cant wait to see whats in store with crybaby! this has become my favorite brand🤍🤍

sosseh cahvejian March 10, 2021

i looked forward to your articles so MUCH during quarantine. thanks for bringing them back 🥺

Marissa March 10, 2021

So happy your articles are back

Claudia March 10, 2021

read it before you posted on insta 😭
i still order from you guys no matter what and i love the new logo so much more 💓

can’t wait for what’s to come!

kaylie March 10, 2021

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