Cry Baby was born out of a desire to connect to people on a vulnerable level that we are often hesitant to embrace and express. Since its beginning in 2018 Cry Baby has evolved into not only a well-known brand but a community of likeminded individuals. The brands unique style brings a modern twist to the popular fashion trends of the 80s and 90s and now has a substantial social media following and customer base but what sets them apart is their message.



“It’s okay to cry. Over boys, girls, friends, love, hate. Sad tears or happy tears. Tears are healthy. It shows that you care. Shows emotion, hard work and dedication. Cry over something you really want. Cry because you lost or won a contest, or met the person you look up to. Cry whether you failed or succeeded. Or because you’re just stuck at a point in life. Cry because you lost someone or you got a new member in your family. Cry yourself to sleep some nights. Doesn’t matter if you’re a child, an adult, male or female. Everybody cries. Remind yourself it’s okay to not be okay. Cry for absolutely no reason too. Cry and let it out. Refocus on where you’re headed, chase your goal, work hard and be dedicated. Remind yourself that we are all imperfect and at the end, we all have emotions. Whatever the reason is - it’s okay to be a “crybaby”.