How to Get Over Rejection

Whether it’s in a relationship, friendship, or job - rejection sucks. It hurts not only our feelings but often it hurts our pride and confidence. So many people let the fear of rejection consume them to the point where they don’t even try going after whatever it is that they want. If you got rejected in some way, you showed an act of bravery and commitment. You’re farther ahead than those who never try and that’s something to admire. 

You should also consider why they may have rejected you- maybe it was something more personal to them, or just did not know how to accept your offer. Sometimes the rejection has to happen because it isn’t the right time. I always say- what’s meant to be will find its way back to you.  We’ve curated some ways to get over or treat your rejection in a healthy, positive manner. This way you don’t have to let the fear of rejection keep you from going after what you want.

  1. Understand and Accept What You’re Feeling

Rachel Wright, a therapist in New York says, “Heartache is real - it’s not just some metaphorical thing. Our brains literally experience rejection as physical pain." Take a moment to reflect on the situation and how you’re reacting. It’s okay to be feeling the way you do, it’s a completely natural response. This is the first step to deal with rejection, which will seamlessly lead into the rest of the more productive strategies.

  1. Rephrase the Meaning of Rejection

Most of the time, you’re getting rejected not because of you, but because of them. If you remind yourself of this and think of it in this sense, then it doesn’t have to hurt you as much as you may have initially thought. This is happening for you, not to you! You don’t have to be so hard on yourself or blame yourself. Look at the situation and recognize the truth in the underlying matter.

  1. Phone a Friend

Loved ones are more than happy to bring you up when you’re down and lift your spirits. Don’t feel selfish if you ask them to hype you up a bit! We’re always so hard on ourselves and can easily forget all of our amazing and honest qualities. Those who love us see so much good in us that they will reassure you and be there for you when you’re down in the dumps from rejection.

  1. Make Time For Yourself

I personally always say that whenever you get rejected, it happens for a reason, and that reason for me is to work and better yourself more. Use this frustration to have an incredible workout. Write down your thoughts and true feelings in a journal and let it all out. Get extra hours of sleep. Volunteer your time. These forms of self-care are not only good for you to do regularly, but they can really help you organize your feelings and viewpoint on rejection.  

  1. Don’t Let it Define You

Even after many rejections, it doesn’t define you and it doesn’t mean you’re a failure. It just means that you’re gaining more experience on how to approach different situations and how to react to them. Just because one person thinks one way about you doesn’t make it true and you shouldn’t feel the need to believe it. Often times the rejection plays in your favor and something better comes along.

  1. Learn From This Experience

What can you gain positively from your past rejections? How can you better react to rejection? It’s a perfect opportunity for growth and inner discovery. Become stronger and better. Learn about the parts of you that need some work. We're all on a journey for personal growth and improvement. 

Take back the negativity and make rejection something powerful for you. Let us know if you've recently been rejected and how you'll overcome it in the comments below.



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  • is so true. i was rejected by a boy not too long ago. im so glad he did because he soon showed me his…not so pretty true colors. thanks so much for this article, it was really helpful :)
  • I was rejected 3 times by the same boy months ago and I always felt like it was because I wasn’t pretty enough, smart enough, or skinny enough but this article made me realize I wasn’t the problem. Things happen for a reason and I believe better things are coming.

  • Loved this. I have some very special people in my life right now going through this pain. It is heart wrenching to watch them go through it and only be able to offer a shoulder to cry on and advice. I am sending this to them and hoping that they will finally see that “what’s meant to be will be” and it is ultimately better for them. 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • I’m currently going through a breakup and damn this helped me. shit ain’t always personal. it just sucks when you’re hurt and you don’t deserve it :(

    bonnie 🤍
  • I’m currently going through a breakup and damn this helped me. shit ain’t always personal. it just sucks when you’re hurt and you don’t deserve it :(

    bonnie 🤍
  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • I stilll have a hard time with rejection :( but hopefully with time it gets better

  • I used to let rejection get to me, but now I know my self worth and learned to do better for myself and life🥺

  • I just got rejected by the guy I was kind of seeing 3 days ago and this article was SO helpful. The rejection was happening for me and not to me. It hurt a lot and I’m still feeling pain but this article helped me put stuff in perspective :)

  • :( really wish i read this a few years ago :( i never got this advice since no one around me had ever really gone through rejection before. thank u! it’s always been a struggle finding advice about something so heavy when you’re so young :( thank u sm!

  • This post really hit home for me. I’ve never had a boyfriend, and have been rejected by the guy I liked in high school. This really hurt but has helped me grow as a human. As someone who sings and does theatre, Ive experienced rejection time and time again and it doesn’t necessarily get easier but I do become stronger. Your point about not letting rejection define you is especially poignant. thanks for this!

  • I think this all circles back to the need to feel validated and THAT’S OKAY! It’s all in you, baby girl 🤍


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