About the Brand

Cry Baby was born out of a desire to connect to people on a vulnerable level that we are often hesitant to embrace and express. Since its beginning in 2018 Cry Baby has evolved into not only a well-known brand but a community of likeminded individuals. The brands unique style brings a modern twist to the popular fashion trends of the 80s and 90s and now has a substantial social media following and customer base but what sets them apart is their message.

“We all have emotions, its built into who we are as humans and it is perfectly fine to cry. Its okay to cry over relationships, ambitions, failures, losses or even for no reason at all. Whether those tears are happy or sad they are perfect. Its okay to cry because you achieved a milestone, met a role model or just because you don’t know what to do next. Everybody cries, children, adults, professionals, parents, we are all the same on an emotional level. Its healthy to cry, its necessary to cry, we need to let it out so that we can refocus, move forward and slay our goals. Life is imperfect and there will be tears, embrace them and remember its okay to be a Cry Baby.”

About the Founder

Esma Ilyas is a serial entrepreneur, designer and most recently the creative driving force behind Cry Baby. After graduating high school in 2014 she found herself slightly lost, she didn’t know what her purpose was and what direction she should pursue. She has always been a creative and after a summer spent enjoying nostalgic movies, she found herself wanting to recreate the choker necklace. She quickly developed one of the first online jewelry brands which skyrocketed into the biggest trend on social media at the time – Stargaze Jewelry was born. Two years after its inception Stargaze became a multimillion-dollar brand with a cult social media following. Soon after this venture Esma teamed up with some fellow creatives and launched Ivory Ella which is a mission driven apparel and lifestyle brand that supports elephant conservation. Ivory Ella has proudly been able to donate more than $1.7 million over the past four years to Save the Elephants. These achievements and experience have allowed Esma to realize continued success and massively contributed to the creation of Cry Baby.

The Idea Behind the Brand

When Esma was building the concept behind Cry Baby she always had the priority for the brand to stick out from the crowd and offer something different and relatable. She wanted to ensure her social media feed was not strictly full of product images but also offered a touch of daily life and the real world. This has been a resounding success; people truly love connecting with these vulnerable and meaningful messages on a deeper level. Customers enjoy visiting the brands page not only to shop but to chat with others, make friends and receive advice and inspiration. This beautiful sense of community is what has created such a loyal fan and customer base.

The Future of Cry Baby

During its time Cry Baby has evolved into classic-must have pieces, vintage runway fits, TV/Celebrity inspired pieces all with their own unique twist. The collection now features signature sets, branded loungewear and staple dresses. All the pieces are designed for comfort while boasting the It Girl look with a touch of nostalgia.

Cry Baby continues to work hard to expand their product line and diversify their offerings. We hope you resonate with our clothing, story or mission on some level and we encourage you to join our community. Everybody should embrace their inner Cry Baby.