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Why I Stopped Drinking Coffee



Hi guys! Long time no talk. This is sort of a personal and random blog post that I want to share with everyone. I do hope that it may help some of you that are going through this as well. I’ll just get straight to the point. I stopped drinking coffee! Sounds crazy but it’s true. I wanted to stop the jitters, the cravings, needing to have coffee in order to do something, and most importantly- the worsened anxiety. 

I deal with anxiety, whether it’s work-related or personal, it comes and goes and I realized when I drink coffee- it gets worse. One day I randomly woke up and that was it. I couldn’t drink it anymore. I think it was my body telling me to stop. My heart used to beat a lot randomly and I went through a lot of overthinking as well. Not sure if it was related to that or just with everything going on, but I wanted to stop. 

The first couple of days were extremely tough stopping it due to the constant headaches and feeling very lazy. I was cleaning out my pantry and realized I had matcha that I barely used and decided to give it a try and that is when I made the immediate switch. I looked up the benefits and comparisons to both and realized that matcha is extremely healthy and a much better alternative! 

With coffee, I would have a quick rush and spike of energy, which then later results in crashing and feeling very tired by mid-day. Even though it has less caffeine, when I drink matcha, I feel energized all day. It could be a mind thing but it’s also thanks to the amino acid L-Theanine, which slows the release of caffeine and has a calming, relaxing effect. It’s also great for your metabolism and digestive system. It’s also a queen of antioxidants, gives you a small, clean caffeine boost, OH and it banishes bad breath! Say goodbye to coffee breath (and stained teeth too!) I also don’t have the feeling to drink matcha every day, just when I’m craving it.

I just wanted to stop relying on something to give me energy. I’d rather wake up and automatically feel energized and ready to start the day, rather than looking forward to something that can help me do that. I’ve been a coffee drinker for about 3 years now and even though that’s pretty long, I’m glad I stopped before it was too long. Sooner or later I’d be much older, still drinking coffee and yelling at everyone that comes my way before I have that first sip. Also, don’t get me wrong. I’ll still drink a cup here and there during or when I need a boost, just not every single day anymore.

Do you have any guilty pleasures or are you a coffee drinker as well? Do you see yourself stopping anytime soon or wish you could? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


  • love love love matcha, keeps me energized way longer than coffee and doesn’t make my stomach hurt.

  • I like drinking coffee but I don’t drink every morning, just when I have stuff to do and need energy I would drink a cup to boost myself but after reading this would like to switch too! Since it have more benefits than coffee.

  • I definitely feel the same way. I’ve been limiting my coffee intake and been drinking a lot of tea lately.

  • i thought i was the only one who got tired mid-day with coffee!!!!!!! omg i might have to try matcha

  • I wish I liked the taste of matcha but I just don’t :( love coffee tho especially dalgona coffee

  • I’ve recently been considering making the switch from coffee to matcha after gaining knowledge about the benefits! However, I am not a huge fan of the strong green tea flavor, so I’ve been on a hunt for a nice organic GT Matcha powder that’s not too overpowering. But my guilty pleasure will always be room temperature water :) I also enjoy brown rice and barely tea though! chefs kiss

    Chae 💖
  • i stopped drinking coffee awhile ago as well because i would go into class shaking and always need some in the morning to get rid of headaches. i will occasionally drink tea/coffee still but water is my best friend. im happy for you!!

  • same here!! matcha has better ingredients and is more delicious imo! green tea also gave me way more energy in a day than coffee ever did & I have a cup everyday before work! it’s beneficial & such a greater alternative! thank you for sharing 🤍

  • same here ! I used to drink coffee everyday but it would make me feel bad. I would have anxiety for the whole day for no reason ! but recently I’ve been drinking tea, everyday instead usually green tea with almond milk (decafe) and it is the best decision I have made :) now I can’t go a day without drinking my tea 🤩


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