Why I Love Pinterest

Imagine a search engine like Google but for the things you like only and that you can upload an image straight to it and have hundreds of similar ones all while saving them and staying organized? Pinterest. It’s one of my favorite Social Media apps and I swear this is not a sponsored post. I’ve been using this app (privately) for the longest time ever and recently decided to create a public account to share with you all. There are endless reasons why this is seriously one of the best apps ever-- inspiration, DIY’s, being organized, finding new things and even shopping.

Not only does Pinterest give me an endless amount of new inspiration, this really encouraged me to stay organized too. Right before doing this my camera roll on my iPhone had over 100,000 images and I’ve been really procrastinating cleaning it up. After creating all of those public boards as well as some of my secret ones (another cool part about the app is that you can have secret boards for your eyes only,) this allowed me to store everything in one place so that I can come back and look at it whenever I needed to. I used to just screenshot everything and leave them in my camera roll and oftentimes I would forget about them. 

Some of you may have already been doing this, but me being the most unorganized person ever (which I am changing, I swear) this has really opened a whole new door for me and I feel extremely put together now. I have boards for almost everything- nails, coffee drinks, breakfast, style inspiration, 90s inspired, magazine covers, you name it-I’ll create it. I also decided to do that to my camera roll as well as my iPhone apps and I actually feel like my whole life is put together now. I’ve been dedicating around 30 minutes a day to pinning and I always tend to find it hard to stop. I feel much more motivated to create and feel inspired right after I finish.

So, if you aren’t using Pinterest yet I strongly recommend it and if you are on it maybe try to create some boards you like and organize your images as well. Let me know some boards you’d like me to create and share your account in the comments below too!


hey @crybaby I tried clicking the link to your Pinterest and it sent me to a blank screen ): not sure if this is on my end or yours but just thought I’d let you know!

lea April 16, 2020

whats ur tumblr 🤍

athina April 15, 2020

I love Pinterest so much! I’ve had it for a while now and its so easy finding inspo for anything & everything. My pinterest is Mayovo_

Manraj April 12, 2020

I’ve had Pinterest for like 8 years now and I keep becoming more obsessed! Mine is @rileychaisson if you want to check it out :) some of my boards are from seventh grade though so promise not to judge 🦋

Riley April 12, 2020

pinterest is @georgianancyy

georgia April 12, 2020

my Pinterest is things i like to look at for inspiration and it is @cwttrsn

Caroline April 12, 2020

I have been posting on Pinterest for two years now (mainly for my fashion board), before I only saved things. I feel it gives me organization for the things I love, and I can share my view of it with others. Mine is @susiershrader

Susie April 12, 2020

strawberysilk 🤍 dont judge from the 1st couple cuz it changes drastically photo 2 photo & omg i feel exactly the same & also have 20 thousand pix on my phone. & 2 old phones w the same hahah

athina April 12, 2020



Züleyha April 12, 2020

Pinterest is my favorite pastime :)

Lily Boyer April 12, 2020

pinterest is probably my favorite social media platform! i always manage to find an image that reflects a thought, emotion or vision i have. it’s a super fun and organized way to express yourself without words! mine is @lxnaespinosa

luna e April 11, 2020

i’m in love with pinterest. i literally take so much pride in my boards 🤍 definitely where i find the most inspo / my account is @80slolita

cailyn April 11, 2020

i’ve been using pinterest for as long as i can remember! i recently started following you and i’m obsessed with your page! my @ is @thepinkchanel!

ari April 11, 2020

i’m on my pinterest every second of the day! it’s like an escape, where i look at photos of my ideal world/ my perfect mood boards and aesthetics. mine is @typicalisabella and i have boards for a loooottt of things 🖤

isabella 🖤 April 11, 2020

i love Pinterest! it’s basically my online vision board for everything i dream about ♡ my account is @shannonrachel_

Shannon Davis ♡ April 11, 2020

I love Pinterest and I have so many boards about movies and tv series.
My account is @luamyd

Luamy April 11, 2020

i have loved using pinterest for as long as i can remember. i recently started printing out some black and white mini polaroid pictures from my favorite movies to have in my room. my pinterest is @chanelinmyhead ♡

kylie April 11, 2020

Really obsessed with it! Started following zodiac, apartments ideas, and makeup as well 🥰

Leslie Bravo April 11, 2020

I’ve been using pinterest for years I love it so much🥰 mine is @emmaharelson

emma April 11, 2020

Hello! My name is Montana :) and my Pinterest is @montanamaemurphy. I’m a writer and blogger, so I blog about writing and travel. And I right stories through every platform and media❤️

Montana April 11, 2020

Recently started to really get into using it again and have been making cute mood boards! mine is @megalbrice :)

Meg April 11, 2020

omg i love pinterest too! it helps me feel organized and i like to use my some of them as vision boards too :) my acc is @avaberryx !!

Ava April 11, 2020

obsessed with pinterest as well!! mine is @gabbimak 💕

gabbi mak April 11, 2020

hi my Pinterest is @vaarintonnessen, go take a look if you want to🦋

Vårin April 11, 2020

Yes it’s my fave too! It’s also way less stressful than some other apps can be! My Pinterest username is macyjefferson :)

Macy April 11, 2020

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