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The number one thing I've been doing during this quarantine is brainstorming a lot of different products to include in Cry Baby. I really want to expand our line while still having a minimal amount of products (this brand will never have over hundreds of items and will never follow the fast fashion route). I may be dreaming big but hope to include some of these—clean, minimal skincare & beauty line, shoes, more outerwear, handbags, swimwear, and hair accessories.

Some of the products that you'll be seeing from us very shortly are an everyday essential tote bag in faux leather, white ribbed crew socks, a tennis-inspired collection, a lot more sweatshirts & sweatpants sets, an anime-style logo T-shirt, tie-dye pieces, and more comfy clothes with variations of our logo.

With that being said, I wanted to get your opinion and feedback on what YOU want to see more from us. Leave a comment below with your ideas and links and we'll try to take in as much as we can.


dragons, cherubs, more rhinestone designs 🐉👼💎

allison bartley August 18, 2020

Can I please see some 70s and 90s inspired outfit pieces. I love a good Cher from clueless vibe, theres a reason why she is a fashion icon. I also love a good 70s bellbottom and front tie shirt.

Isabela June 28, 2020

please restock the kimberly zip hoodie!!!! i loved it so much and now it’s gone 🥺

kylie June 18, 2020

I was so sad to see the girlfriend dreams out of stock + the cher pants so would love to see those again But more clueless inspired clothes, corsets and jewelry would be adorable!

ria June 13, 2020

I love that you’re asking your customers what they want! I’d like to see:
- pleated skirts
- structured top handle bags
- gingham
- ballet inspired pieces
- things inspired by what Cher wears in the movie Clueless
- corset inspired tops
- shirts and/or sweatshirts with cute cartoons on them (studio ghibli, bambi, sanrio, etc)
- velvet
- patterned silk scarves (to put in your hair)
- headbands
- things inspired by the movie Emma (the one that came out this year, not the old one)
- things with cherries or strawberries on them/cherry or strawberry patterns
- things inspired by the show Gossip Girl

stel May 31, 2020

I would just be so happy to see the black swan top restocked :’) I love the direction you guys are going in rn, maybe some colourful pastel skirts? oversized hoodies? tote bags?

Sophie May 20, 2020

sooo I said I was done with commenting but I just came back on here to say that the baggy jeans I wanna see you guys make is like nastygal’s “dru wide leg jeans”!

annica April 30, 2020

PLEASE bring out a tennis range! i live in the uk so i never know how much i’d actually be spending, so please bring out a different currency setting as every company seems to be different. however i completely adore your style, aesthetic etc. so anything you create will be perfection. love you and thank you for making the best blog!🤍

juliette April 25, 2020

please restock the gigi top😭😭

gracia April 24, 2020

I’d really like to see that tennis skirt up and running!! 😍 and more vintage and 90s inspired clothes! Maybe inspired from clueless, friends etc? Also more accessories, like necklaces etc! Aaaand I’d love to see more cropped t-shirts with rhinestones on it, like the angel crop top. Also I’d like to see more tops like the Charlotte top and more vintage bikinis! 😍

Btw I just wanna say that I really miss the skort you used to sell, the 90s cable knit bodysuit, the Katherine corset and the Lima top! Pls bring them back :( ❤️

Selina April 24, 2020

i want see more 90’s style and I would like see more accessories :)

Ariana April 23, 2020

i love the babygirl set and would love to see the bottoms as a skirt … ugh it would be so cute.

alyssa April 23, 2020

i really like the jogger sets that you came out with recently and i would love to see more of those !! both basic and ones full of detail.

haven April 22, 2020

i feel like a lot of products get discontinued really quickly and we don’t really get a chance to grab them :( i really wish that you guys would restock the pink swan top, runway dress, blair cardigan, and katherine corset. i would also love to see more crewnecks and dresses, maybe more cute going out pieces for summer. i’d also love to see you guys do some puffy sleeve tops

deina April 22, 2020

i would love some 90’s inspired outfits ! maybe some pieces inspired by clueless ?

lola April 21, 2020

I love the tennis skirts/tennis gear idea you posted awhile ago, I think you said that you may release them sometime this spring (so excited!)..I think a ‘Cry Baby’ oversized sweater in that 90’s graffiti font would be soooo cute!

Terayah Rose April 18, 2020

ooo id love to see 90s! like the oversized windbreakers or bomber jackets, maybe even flannels too:)

madi April 18, 2020

Definitely more accessories like scarfs, jewelry and shoes. Cute loungewear sets in pretty colors like pink, lavender, baby blue and pistachio green! Y2k inspired clothes! Lacy pieces would be cute along with cute tank tops!! More corsets in different patterns would be great!! And maybe even bralettes and more spring like cardigans!!

Brittney April 16, 2020

I would love to see more 90s inspired styles. I love Cher from Clueless and I think some pieces inspired by her would be amazing!

Grace April 16, 2020

I would love to see more simple crop shirts (love the regina top and angel cropped tee) and maybe crop sweatshirt?? I always enjoy buying stuff that I can wear with multiple things as well as out anywhere! I also loved stargaze jewelry before I even found out about this brand! I know that you like Ariana Grande and I LOVE her and her style, maybe you could do some inspired pieces from her? I love her street style and oversized looks and she always wears simple things. Maybe an oversized coat inspired by her puffer coat with the orange inside (dangerous woman tour)? Or faux fur black coat she wears? Or her simple crop tops or tour/rehearsal outfits? Idk! Just ideas! (:

Lea April 16, 2020

Oh and tennis chain necklaces, recreations of cuban links with like butterflies, etc

Raven April 15, 2020

loungewear in rlly pretty muted spring colors, swimwear, VINTAGE RECREATIONS, more tea party esque things, SHOES, corsets, y2k

Raven April 15, 2020

loungewear in rlly pretty muted spring colors, swimwear, VINTAGE RECREATIONS, more tea party esque things, SHOES, corsets, y2k

Raven April 15, 2020

Ohhh I would love to see some checkered/plaid/grid pants with a straight leg—not too wide. Something that can be worn casually or dressed up.

Sofia Szymanski April 15, 2020

Honestly would love to see some lace/mesh/silk lingerie pieces.

Chay April 15, 2020

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