Twin Flame VS. Soulmate



Twin flames versus soulmates. What’s the difference? By definition, a Twin Flame is when our own “energetic cloth” (the energy from which you are individualized by or cut from) grows so immensely that our energy is split into two, with the other half becoming our Twin Flame. Soulmates, by definition, are different souls that we encounter along our journey that are cut from the same “energetic cloth” as we are, being there to help awaken us and challenge us so we can be the best versions of ourselves. Not everybody has a Twin Flame, but everyone has Soulmates.

When Twin Flames meet, it is to achieve something that’s more on an energetic level, helping to expand the planet’s consciousness. Both of them have strong desires to create something together in order to raise this consciousness. This creation can take many lifetimes to achieve, which is why Twin Flames are harder to find than soulmates. Twin Flame relationships focus on growth, coming together to help others. 

A soulmate can be a friend, a family member, or a lover. Soulmates come together to help each other to grow and evolve into the best people you can be. When you meet a soulmate, it often feels like fate, like you were destined to meet. They don’t always have to be romantic. You can have many soulmates, but if you have a Twin Flame, that is your only one. Soulmates can come and go in your life, but the bond between the two of you will always be strong and special.

Soulmate relationships are on a mind, body, and soul level. Twin Flames are a mind, body, soul, and celestial, universal level. In the end, there are no true rules with how you label these. Follow what feels right to you, what your intuition is telling you. Soulmates and Twin Flames are undeniably incredibly special relationships, so it’s a blessing to get to feel such a deep connection with anyone.

Have you met someone where it felt like it was destined to happen? Have you ever felt such a deep connection with someone that they could potentially be a Twin Flame? Share your Soulmate/Twin Flame stories in the comments below!




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