Things You Can Do While Social Distancing



Since the beginning of this year, we have all had a taste of what a global pandemic feels like, no matter how severe the cases of COVID-19 were or are in your home countries and states. And we all know this new reality in our lives to stay at home and practice social distancing came with a lot of new challenges. Many people have said that they had experienced more heightened levels of depression, anxiety, and other feelings they hadn’t ever faced before. I know for a fact that I was definitely one of those people.

Before I go into positivity and talk about the things I’ve done to overcome laziness in these strange times we’re living in -- I want you to first know that what you are feeling is absolutely normal and expected. It is kind of expected to feel out of place when the whole world itself doesn’t know how to move. It is normal for you to fall off of your routines and habits, and it is normal that you desire to be productive and accomplish things but haven’t had the motivation to do so. 

Here are some of the things that I’ve found to be helpful to become productive, and most importantly, to feel better about myself again. 

YouTube Lifestyle Gurus! 

Some say positivity can be contagious, and I’ve found this to be extremely true when I started listening to Youtubers Leeor Alexandra, Isabel Palacios, and Sam Ozkural. (These are some of my favorite people in the online world – but I know there are many more people just like them that you can find!) If you’re looking for inspiration and can’t seem to find it around you, look for ways to uplift yourself. It can be as simple as typing in, “how to feel confident,” or “tips to become positive.” I know that through gaining clarity and guidance from these beautiful people I hadn’t even met, I was able to do better for myself. I finally saw action and a need for me to become productive.


I know what you’re thinking and maybe it’s that you have never been one to practice mediation. Maybe you don’t even really know what it is, but I’ll tell you one thing: it is absolutely life-changing. When you can escape your reality for even a minute and enter into a state of tranquility by practicing your breathing, that is when the real magic starts. That is when you have found your peace. Your peace away from all that upsets you, all that detains you, and all that makes you feel the things you wish to not feel. 


As someone that loved to read as a child but grew up to despise it because of the amount of school I had endured, I can finally, at this moment, say that I love to read. Reading is such a breath of fresh air for me, especially because I am choosing what to read now. There is so much knowledge in the world waiting for us to appreciate, from poetry, romance, to self-help books. So, next time you’re down and just want to enter a different world, pick up a book, and break free.

Finally, find something to do. Something to better yourself in. 

It can be a hobby, like writing, singing, cooking, or picking up a new language to learn! When you find something that interests you or even somewhat gets you to be productive, you will feel a sense of confidence rush through you. You feel better. I recently started to look up YouTube videos on how to better my resume and cover letter, and other people’s tips and tricks have definitely helped me. And with that, I have also been applying for internships for the Fall semester. With intention comes dedication and anything is truly possible if you just put your mind to it!

So, there you have it, all the things that have truly guided me through my hard days, weeks, and even months. This year, I have experienced so much loss, pain, and change before COVID-19 even started. If I can get through to find a little bit of myself again, SO CAN YOU! 

I believe in you, and now it’s your turn to believe in you, too.





image by: Sarah Bahbah


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