Things to Do This Valentine's Day

When February rolls around, it often feels like the celebration of Valentine’s Day is being thrown in your single face. Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a significant other on the day of love bring you down. The list below contains fun ideas for you to do on the highly anticipated 14th. Whether you’re alone or with friends and family, we came up with ways to feel good about yourself and still feel the love on Valentine’s Day!

  1. Come up with a singles-only event.

This could be anything from hosting a dinner, making arrangements to go to a karaoke bar, or preparing a movie night. Invite your dearest (and single) friends and have a day filled with fun!

  1. Make plans, period!

If you anticipate your Valentine’s Day is spent wallowing in your sadness alone all day, think again. Make an effort to make plans - any plans! This will distract you from feelings of being alone that you’d experience by laying in bed or on the couch all day.

  1. Treat yourself.

Who needs a couples massage when you can go get a massage on your own? Treat yourself to a massage, facial, manicure… whatever you please. Self-love can be practiced on Valentine’s Day, too.

  1. Make some Valentine’s Day-themed treats.

Do you love to bake? Make some cute heart cookies or a rich chocolate cake! After you’re done, you can invite loved ones over to indulge together. I don’t know of a lot of things that sound better than that.

  1. Stay in and have a self-care day.

If you’re not one to really feel sad or lonely on Valentine’s Day, by all means, stay in. Have a nice, pampering self-care day. Take a bubble bath, do a face mask, binge-watch your favorite show, order Postmates… the possibilities for the perfect self-care day go on and on.

  1. Send love letters.

Send sweet text messages or have some nice phone calls with your dearest friends and family. Spread the love to everyone.

  1. Plan a special date with your bestie.

Make it festive! Get all dressed up and go to your favorite places together. Cherish a night filled with laughter, love, along with some shopping and great food.

  1. Do a social media detox.

Wanting to avoid seeing your ex or all the couples posting this day? We get it. Just ignore going on your phone and spend real time with people around you.

  1. Buy flowers.

My favorite thing to do is to buy myself flowers. Buy your favorite bouquets and bring some beauty into your home.

  1. Remember to love yourself!

Self-love is often neglected, especially on a day when the world makes it feel like being in a romantic relationship is so important. Remind yourself about how kind, smart, talented and beautiful you are. Fall in love with yourself on Valentine’s Day and every other day as well.

To all our single friends - do you make an effort to create plans on Valentine’s Day or do you lay low? Let us know what your favorite Valentine’s Day festivities are below.



Cry Baby

Written by @tyrahdae


  • Loved this! and also really needed to read something like this right now.. I will be avoiding social media on that day like nobodies business, I don’t need any help feeling more sad than I already do! lol I’m currently trying to plan a little something special with my best friend for that day! 🤍

  • Love this post! Especially when you’re even just feeling down or burnt out, these are good tips for some self love!♥️🥰

  • absolutely love the blog posts!! and so happy i subscribed :)

  • yesss! self love is important 🌹

  • Definitely making myself feel special on this day… Showing myself love and appreciating myself. Wonderful ideas ✨

  • F*ck boys. Esma, will you be my valentine?🌹🥰

  • v day = self love day 🥰

  • This brand is unlike any other. These articles are amazing. I’m in love. Thank you ♡

    Mary 🍒
  • my friends and i are going skating cus we single

  • My friends and I have already planned on sending each other “anonymous” candy grams with cute messages attached to them 🤍

  • most of my friends have boyfriends but they’ve all always been super supportive now of my choice to be single bc finding love isn’t my priority rn. i been taking the time to heal from past trauma and focus on myself. on Valentine’s Day, all of my friends and me send eachother roses w cute msgs/inside jokes attached:) it makes me feel loved and im glad my friends r still ppl i can count on single or not🥰 also i like to make myself look cute on Valentine’s Day I feel like that day can be used to show ur love towards anyone u care ab💓

  • I’m not someone who usually reads blog posts but I can’t miss crybaby’s! Love this as usual ❤️


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