The Truth About Manifestation



Written by: Serena


Ever heard of manifestation? It’s become such a topic of discussion on social platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and many others. And although everyone assumes they know what it is and how to “use” it, I don’t think they truly know what it really is. Manifestation in my definition is one’s ability to create the life that they desire, while matching one’s vibration and frequency to the vibrational level of that object, thing, or even person they wish to have in their lives.

Here are some of my tips in being able to manifest and be the true creator and take power of your life:


Start with a journal. If you don’t have one, buy one that is beautiful on Amazon, Etsy, or any other website. It’s important that you love the journal you purchase so that you can appreciate the good it will bring to you. Journaling will lead you to scripting. – Scripting, in simple terms, are affirmations in the present tense that become reality. Let’s say that you really want to own a car, so now, instead of always saying how badly you want that car, pretend as if you already have it in this present moment. Scripting is helpful in this, because you can write things such as, “I am so grateful that I now own my dream car, and that it takes me to places, people, and events that I so love.” With this, you are setting out the intention in terms of gratitude. Being in the mindset of gratitude will bring this desire into manifested reality even quicker! As a young girl, I was told words were powerful, but I never knew just how powerful, until I started to discover the truth in manifestation and scripting. 


Be in tune with the vibration of that in which you desire. It’s important that you realize everything has a vibration. For example, if you really want to obtain a job, but constantly complain about not having a job, then all that you are going to get is more of that. You are not going to have positive results when you’re vibrating at a level that doesn’t match the level of reaching that job, that great relationship, or anything that you really want. Maybe if you work on more job applications, and in networking and connecting with people in the field that you want, you will be better aligned with your desire. You must match that vibration. A simple way to get aligned and reframe your mind is by meditation. Meditation can calm your thoughts, and therefore, remove blockages or any negativities that aren’t helping you get to that positive outcome of your desire.


Let it go. And finally, let go of the attachment, fear or need for that desire. You’ve now identified what you want, and are working towards that, so now live your life. It might sound silly to try and forget about what you want to achieve or have, but this “letting go” doesn’t really tie to that. It ties to you living your days as if your desire has already come into existence. It ties with your inner happiness, and you finding peace in all that you already have, and all that you already are. You see, when you learn to appreciate your life despite everything that you’ve faced, it will bring you great rewards. Your desires will show up for you, because when you let go of any attachment to any desire, you know what you deserve and it will show up. It has nowhere to go but show up for you to live the life you desire and deserve.


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Curtisginee March 10, 2021

Im gonne start journaling now thankuu for your tips 🥺<3

Demi October 24, 2020

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