The Idea of Living A Care-Free Life




How does one become care-free? What must be done in their daily life to feel at peace and accepting of whatever comes their way? Allowing yourself to focus on the positives in your life and calm your worries will lead to days filled with less stress and more happiness. The guide to practicing a care-free life isn’t easy and doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience and perseverance it can be done. Below are some practices and thoughts to consider when wanting to manifest a care-free life.

  1. Don’t just revolve your day and plans around school or work

Make time for the things you love to look forward to throughout your busy day. I have a countdown app on my phone where I put any exciting event or activity coming up. It gives me something to look forward to more often.

  1. Identify what’s stressing you out

If you take a moment to realize what is causing you stress, you can better combat it. If possible, figure out what you can do to ease this stress or get rid of it completely. If it’s something more out of your control, find ways that’ll best help you to conquer through it.

  1. Practice self-love and stop worrying about other people’s opinions of you

This is not easy - the journey to self-love is a long and patient one. However, it’s worth it. Allow yourself to be confident in who you are and forget about what other people may think. This will cause you to really live a life free from worries or cares. A post all about self love coming up soon btw.

  1. Do things because you want to do them

This can relate back to point 3, with self-love and confidence. Don’t just be a follower - create your own path. Do the things that you love and enjoy, not solely the things that your best friend or boyfriend loves and enjoys. It will be so incredibly gratifying and fulfilling to immerse yourself in your passions and hobbies on your own.

  1. Take things less seriously

Have fun!!! Let go of the feeling of needing to be serious all of the time. While there’s definitely the time and place to be serious (often out of respect), don’t let it turn you cold. Let yourself be happy over the simple things in life.

  1. Let go of the past

Never think of the past. It’s done and it’ll never happen again. Learn from them and move on. Thinking of the past constantly can really bring you down and change the current path you’re heading towards. As mentioned in #1, 1 make countdowns to exciting events, think about a brighter tomorrow. 


The journey to true happiness is never easy but it can be incredibly rewarding when given the effort. Strive for a care-free life and get excited about the little things that bring you joy. I get it, we all go through a lot of ups and downs, but at the end of the day we shouldn’t be stuck on the negatives. If you have one little thing to be happy about— put your mind on that for the time being and focus on that happiness.


What do you do to leave your worries and stress behind? Fill us in on your secrets.



diOaJxnFuPq August 15, 2020


ErfimFDPABzoCJ August 15, 2020

I absolutely love your articles! They’re so inspiring!! So happy I found your website 💞💞 (also love the clothing😍)

Jodie July 09, 2020

I think we can all agree we needed this right now; it’s so easy to feel bombarded by what life throws at us, and in times like this it can be hard to let go. I’m gonna try my best to focus on the positives and work on self improvement in as fun a routine as I can, which I absolutely love. Thank you for these types of posts ♡

Jess May 04, 2020

this is so important! thank you, needed this 🖤

isabella 🖤 May 03, 2020

such a good read. so, so important. in this time I’ve found the key to a healthy self is setting aside time to nurture yourself 🖤 we gotta keep spreading the self love message!!

Nikki May 03, 2020
hit me hard!!! I feel like as a Virgo I don’t deal with change or letting the past go and I struggle with living in the moment, but it’s something that I’m glad I can now recognize and continue to work on!! For me, I spend a lot of time making choices because I’m so afraid I will make the wrong decision but I’m learning to not overthink and literally just ask myself “what will make me happy right here right now?” And that choice makes me happy in that moment and it’s so much easier to not look back! Thank you for these words!
Amanda May 03, 2020

This was such a good read that i did not know i honestly needed! i have been feeling such a connect/disconnect lately with a lot of things, and feeling as if people have so many high expectations for what THEY want me to be or do. It’s time i call in my higher self and build the life i want because i’m the one living in it at the end of the day. I put others needs so much before that i often forget about mine and that SELF CARE IS OKAY. So i think the more i turn my focus, things will be okay. it’s not selfish to be your own best friend and do what makes you happy

Jovana May 03, 2020

wow that was just amazing

m May 03, 2020

Ok I‘m not here to write an essay, but I just wanted to say taht I really needed to see this❤️ Thank you for writing this post

Christa May 03, 2020

I absolutely agree with this, carefree doesn’t mean unmotivated or just not caring about anything, it means to stop caring about things that aren’t important! Another way you could stare carefree is less social media there’s so much negativity and there’s so many things that don’t matter that you catch yourself reading sometimes and reading this helps me to put my phone down and not care as much about a little negative things. It honestly makes my life happier and finding a way to be motivated to do things that you love is a great way to be carefree! Thank you so much for these articles by the way because a lot of things that I own and a lot of the ways I try to better my life is by reading these🤍

Deanna May 03, 2020

Absolutely agree and love this 🖤

Juliana May 03, 2020

This was a really good read. And I’m usually good at remembering my self care routines & knowing when to utilize them but in these last couple of mouths I can admit that I’ve had more difficulty in this department w/ the sudden shutdown & becoming a home schooling mom of 2 out of the clear blue sky. Lol! But this is good to remember tho!

Wydia Becton May 03, 2020

i’ve been taking philosophy this whole school year and the biggest thing that has helped me is realizing whenever im in a negative mindset and figuring out why and trying to overcome those things which usually have to do with the past/regrets. leave the past in the past!!!

kylie May 03, 2020

I feel like these are some things that more people need to practice now a days, it’s so important! I love doing things that get my vibrations up like working out and going on walks to clear my mind 💘

roxey May 03, 2020

I also found that practicing meditation and stretching everyday helps clear the mind !

Nicole May 03, 2020

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