Thank You for 2 Years ♡

I just want to say a quick thank you to all of you that continue to support us by placing orders, engaging with us on Instagram, interacting under the comments, and even just following us. Thanks for helping us continue to grow every day and just being there for one another as well. It's insane to think that it's already been two years since we launched, time really does fly by! Some of you may not know this but we made the move from NY to LA this past couple of months, just to really focus and expand our brand out here and we have so many exciting and new things that are coming soon. It may have been a tough transition personally, but I truly believe the hard work and dedication will start to show really soon. We can't wait to grow bigger with you.

Feel free to comment on your favorite memory of crybaby below and what you would like to see more of in this following year.


Thank you for being a crybaby and cheers to many more years! ♡


  • 2 years already!! It’s been so amazing seeing the brand grow so much. Crybaby has soo much potential! I will keep shopping crybaby for a very long time. I’m so proud of you guys! PS please bring back a design like the bardot bodysuit :) I never got a chance to purchase it and it’s my fav design.

    Christa ♥
  • happy two years! 🥳 so proud of you and this brand!!! all of your clothes are so cute and your instagram has the best inspiration and aesthetic. i love it so much and also i’ve seen people at my school wearing your clothes and it makes me so happy that you’re so successful and well known :)

    isabella 🖤
  • not really a memory but, i absolutely love your instagram. it has given me so much inspiration for what i want my own style to be. i found ur brand only a few months ago, but i’ve already bought so much lol 💌🥺

  • My favorite memory is, without a doubt, when Ariana wore & posted herself in the signature crew. When I tell you my jaw dropped…
    I especially love that memory because it was right around the time of my Sweetener Tour concert in CT. I met Esma there with my sister, and I remember afterwards, a couple of the people who were in line with us began asking who it was we took a picture with. I told them “You know that picture Ariana just posted, that’s her clothing brand.”
    I was soooo proud.
    Having been a supporter of this brand since the start, it felt just as much of a win for me, as I’m sure it felt for Esma. 🤍

    As for what I’d like to see in the future, I think mini themed collections would be cool. I know there’s something tennis related in the works, so anything similar to that.
    Also, I looove the recreations of celebrity/tv outfits (Selena Dress, Lima top, etc.), so I would love to see more of those!!!

    rosa genao
  • my favorite thing about this brand (not particularly a moment because there are too many) is how much you care about your customers. constantly commenting back, doing giveaways and rewards, listening to what we want restocked and even blogging what we want to see. you’re so hardworking i strive to be you 💗

  • I remember stumbling across you on Instagram a while ago and really admiring everything that you represented. I followed Crybaby from the beginning and it’s definitely my favorite brand. I love seeing the different ways it’s grown and continues to grow and I love adding to my collection of your clothes. Every single time I’m carrying my hand bag or wearing some of the clothing I get asked where it’s from. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Happy two years!! 🖤✨

  • Congratulations on ur 2 years!!! & pleaseeeeee bring back the “Hugging Mom Jeans- Light Wash” PLEASE!!! I want a pair so freaking bad!!!

  • not that big of a memory but, last year around this time, i had tagged you guys in a post in one of my favorite outfits (the houndstooth skirt + nicolette top 🥺) and i don’t think u understand how much i LOST my shit when i realized you guys posted me because i love you guys sm. my best friend knew how much i liked the brand too and we both cried 😭

  • Loved it all from your designs to how organized it all was to construct a piece, but once thing I would like to see is better sizing because sometimes it’s not true to it’s size.

  • so proud of everything you’ve accomplished!! i remember before crybaby when you had stargaze jewelry and seeing you grow and expand from one company to another and doing what you love makes me so happy. keep up the good work 🤍

  • esma, if i was your mother i would be so proud of you. happy 2 year anniversary for you and your company crybaby. i really wish i was a day 1 supporter since the beginning, yet i just found out about crybaby 6 months ago. it was the best thing i would ever stumble upon. i wish you so much prosperity in your life, success, and with crybaby. crybaby has also been a grand blessing to my life by featuring me with my favorite crybaby pieces and helping me reach more people to show my love for fashion 🤍 i really hope to meet and grab a coffee with you this year when i visit ca 🤍 much love, luv!

    yeni 🧸🤍
  • I remember when I received my first package the stickers and the label and the note it was just so unlike any other package I’ve ever opened. I love love this brand!


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