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Summer tends to come with more outdoor and physical activities, so we’ve curated a list of ways to get more fit for the hot season ahead. We’re not saying it’s a must to get in shape for the summertime, we just know many people like to in order to feel more confident in their own skin. There’s nothing wrong with the way your body may look now versus if you make the decision to work out more for the upcoming season-- it’s all up to you and how you feel. In the end, it’s better to stay fit and healthy for your overall well being. 

I’ve tried to list the steps that will match our quarantine routine since summer is just around the corner.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water every day has countless amounts of benefits that I don’t need to be telling you- just make it a habit. My favorite way to do this is just filling up my reusable water bottle every morning and making sure I drink 2-3 of it a day. I sometimes put some fruits in it as well.

Make a plan

If you plan out what you want to do, you’ll get more things done. Plan your gym days or what routines you want to start. Create an at-home workout playlist on YouTube with your favorite workouts. My favorites are from the 80s and 90s, they’re just so fun to watch! For example-

Eat more greens

Start implementing more veggies into your diet. I personally love fruits and veggies so I know how hard it may be for some of you who don’t. Start with getting a tasty dip or salad dressing to mix with it. You may also buy pre-packaged salads from the grocery store and bring them to school or work to make the healthier option easier.

Work out in the morning

It’s going to be difficult the first few times, but getting your workout out of the way first thing in the morning will lead to a more productive and energized day. It’s also important to carve out a specific time to work out, making it easier to stick the habit.

Work with what you have

Since the gyms are closed and not everyone has the proper equipment to work out, try just going for a quick run around the block. Anything to get you moving while you’re staying at home will really benefit you. Save your favorite at-home workouts on YouTube or watch some workout live videos on Instagram. Don’t have weights? Use the stuff that you can lift around the house. Take 1 hour of your day to really sweat everything out!

Switch it up

Don’t do the same routine every single day - switch it up and have fun with it! Your body will also start getting used to the repeated routine and it won’t be as effective over time. Surprise your muscles and try new things every once and awhile. My new hobby for a little over a year has been playing Tennis. I’m not great at sports but I’ve always wanted to start playing it because I was kind of good at it in high school plus the aesthetic! When I first started it last summer, I realized that I actually am decent at it and have been practicing it a lot. It’s definitely my new favorite hobby, gets me moving, sweating and having fun while staying fit.

Don’t forget to stretch

I can’t stress this one enough. Sometimes when I don’t feel like working out or don’t have time- I always need to stretch. Even if it’s for just 5 minutes. We forget how important it is to stretch the muscles that we move around all day. Stretching and staying flexible is so important and your body will thank you for it. The first thing I do when I wake up is stand up and stretch up high, stretch out my shoulders, hips, and legs- always. I immediately feel better after doing this.

 Let me know how you guys have been taking this whole quarantine and working out situation in the comments below.



Cry Baby


@madison can i join too?🥺 i have good workout recommendations.

miriam April 10, 2020

I started working out while in quarantine, and it makes me feel SO GOOD. Like start off with simple workouts and build on it as you get more comfortable and have more motivation! It makes me feel accomplished and healthy and just puts me in a good mood. I strongly recommend working out and eating healthier because I’ve already seen so much of a difference and it honestly helps mentality as well. It makes me feel happy and confident ❤️ Be smart about it and don’t rush into anything your body isn’t used to yet! It takes time, but since we are all stuck at home for awhile it’s totally worth it I promise!

Camryn April 10, 2020

@madison yes please! defo add me to that i have literally no motivation

Josie April 09, 2020

I Def need to workout , I’m getting that shrek bod rn :(

Nicole April 09, 2020

chloe ting on youtube has the best workout plans!!! also some yoga channels really work as well :)

reneee April 09, 2020

@madison def add me to that gc i need the motivation🥺😭

madi April 09, 2020

I would love a group chat @ madison! i also love these tips, ive been working out🥺

Deyssa April 09, 2020

Anyone wanna do a group workout plan and we check in with each other ?!

Madison April 09, 2020

use the app my fitness pal!

leah April 09, 2020

i loveeee this. the working out first thing in the morning is key for me. if i don’t do it first thing i probably won’t do it so i force myself as soon as i wake up

Gabriela April 09, 2020

posted this comment before you even put it on your story.. im a true crybaby fan. i look forward to these blogs every week and im so happy you’re posting more. it really helps! i didnt workout much during quaratine but this post made me want to. can you do an article how to get over a crush/ex?

leyla April 09, 2020

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