Simple Ways to Start Saving Money



With the ease and temptation of online shopping, it can be difficult to save money. We all struggle with it, but if we implement smarter choices in our spending habits, we can make some serious progress! We thought we’d share some simple ways we found to make saving money easier. Fill us in on your tips and tricks as well in the comments of this post!

  1. Limit Your Coffee Splurge

Some of us depend on coffee to get us through the day. Unfortunately, coffee can be quite expensive, especially depending on how you like it. A simple way to save a few bucks every day is by brewing your own coffee at home! Buying coffee beans in bulk can be equivalent to two iced lattes. Think about that!

  1. Look Through Your Subscriptions

Sometimes we forget about the things we signed up for. Make sure you’re still actively using all of your subscriptions! If not, end them and save more money each month!

  1. Save Money on Dates

Going on a date doesn’t have to be a pricey endeavor. Sometimes the simplest of things can be the nicest! Have a little picnic or get lost in an art exhibit together. You shouldn’t have to worry about spoiling your partner by doing expensive things - the whole point is just spending time together!

  1. Download a Savings App

There are tons of different savings apps out there that can help out with your specific needs! Some do have little monthly fees, but there are many free options out there as well. Our suggestions are Digit, EveryDollar, or Tip Yourself!

  1. Bring a Water Bottle Everywhere

Not only will this keep you more hydrated, but it’ll eliminate the need to buy water when you already have it with you - for free!

  1. Sell Unwanted Items

Not wearing half of the clothes in your closet? Have some fun decor that’s still stored away? Try selling these unwanted items on sources like Poshmark or Depop! You could even make an Instagram account dedicated to selling your clothes or simply share about them on your social media accounts. This is a great way to clean out your closet and make a few extra bucks!

  1. Make Shopping Lists

Listing only what you need and sticking to it can help keep you from buying unnecessary things. This has helped me a ton when grocery shopping, so I’m not tempted to get snacks or treats that I don’t really need.

  1. Wait On It

Before making a big purchase, sleep on it, think it over, and weigh the pros and cons of the potential purchase. If you forget about the item after a while, then you didn’t really want it. Smarter buying is so important, not only to save money but to help our environment as well!

  1. Create a Budget

This is probably the most obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Planning out a budget for yourself will help keep you on track with your spending and saving. You can do this by physically writing down everything or by using helpful apps on your phone. Budgeting yourself will remind you of what’s worth spending your money on and what’s not!

Above all, try not to let money stress you out too much. It can very easily keep you up at night, but if you’re making conscientious decisions and doing your best, that’s all you can do! We believe in you!


Cry Baby


  • I have a literal coffee addiction. I work in a mall and we have a Starbucks so of course I go like 3 times a day and my wallet feels it.

  • I really needed this because I always spend my money on useless things. But I think I will do it anyways 😅

  • To be honest this is what we I need because I’m trying to save money to buy your clothes! I am in love with them!❤️ Keep up your work girl, it’s amazing!

  • I feeeeel Nicole’s comment from below – I need to be better about limiting how much money I spend on coffee, hahaha!

  • Omg the coffee tip dragged me by edges 💀 I need to stop spending $5 a day on blue bottle

  • Needed this!! I’ve been trying to sell some clothes that I haven’t been wearing in a long time so hopefully I’ll be able to clear out my closet then :)

  • Ok but how am I supposed to safe money when you keep releasing clothes like that?? Esma?? I’m-

    Ivy Tran
  • the coffee splurge is the hardest but most important one to so many people I know including myself! 🥺☕️


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