Posting on Social Media for YOU


by Neha Shah


I probably spent at least an hour on social media last week looking at people’s photos and profiles. I got so caught up in it, finding myself fixating on small details- she has an internship, her body looks perfect, she looks so happy, her clothes are insane… the list is honestly never ending.

Yesterday, I got dressed up and went out with some friends to take some pictures. I came back home after and promptly put on pajamas and hopped on the bed to edit the photos. My friend said to me, “Isn’t it so funny that we took these pictures but no one knows we’ve been chilling in bed all day?”

It hit me hard in that moment- I was trying so hard to show the world how perfect my life was. I was subconsciously copying edits and outfits, putting on a smile and trying to convince everyone that I was the person they should be looking at on social media, not the other way around.

It’s an insecurity on my part, and one that I’m striving to change every day. I often post on my own social media, but not for me- for the world. I need to accept that the me who stayed in bed all of Sunday eating marshmallows in my pajamas, is the same me as the one walking into class, done up with jewelry and my hair down, ready to work for my future. And regardless of which version of me people see, that doesn’t change who I am or make me less in the world’s eyes. No, my life isn’t perfect. And it’s OKAY if people know that. Because the girl whose page I was looking at earlier? Her life isn’t perfect either.

So next time you’re editing a picture or posting something on social media, ask yourself if what you’re posting makes YOU happy rather than what will make your followers happy. Let’s show the world our true selves for a change.


i was thinking about this the other day and realizing how crazy social media has gotten. we all feel the need to dress up and go out just to take an insta pic when that picture isn’t an accurate portrayal of our life at all.

claire November 14, 2020

lol i needed to hear this, i always get so guilty for not posting and then feel bad when i look at others life and see them living. but deep down i should know that was their best time and we all go through the boring and sad days too.

thanks :(

kimberly November 09, 2020

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