Our Resolutions for 2020

Our Resolutions for 2020

2020 is finally here - a new decade, a new year, a new chance. But honestly, I don’t like the phrase, “new year, new me.” (Does anyone anymore?) Why should we have to be new? Instead, I think new beginnings, such as a new year, should inspire us to simply improve and better the people we already are.

You may have written down a list of goals and resolutions that feel unattainable but are, ultimately, your true dreams. In order to allow these dreams to feel more concrete and within your reach, you should start small and celebrate those little victories. To ring in 2020, this article will be exploring different ways you can start those goals you wish to achieve in a way you can, you know, actually achieve them. You got this!

1. Want to work out more this year? Start by walking more. By choosing to be more conscientious on moving naturally and taking those first steps to work out, you will be more likely to stick with it. Oftentimes, people jump into working out with intense and difficult routines, which can result in them feeling unmotivated or defeated. Starting small will just continue to build up the desire to work out more.

2. Need to be better about staying hydrated? Bring a reusable water bottle with you everywhere. I mean it - everywhere! Always keep one in your car, in your bag, in your locker, or workplace. This way, you will have no excuse! It’ll be convenient and lead to consistency. When traveling, keep an empty one with you to fill up once you make it through airport security. Not only can you keep refilling it, but you will also save yourself the $4-5 that it’d cost to buy a plastic water bottle. If you remind yourself to always carry a reusable bottle, it’ll encourage you to use it more and result in you staying hydrated! To read about the benefits of drinking a good amount of water each day, read this article.

3. Have a goal of eating better? Start with one meal change every day. What exactly does this mean, you may be wondering? When I became a vegetarian, I knew it would be hard for me to completely stop eating meat all at once. I started by cutting out meat completely for one to two of my daily meals. I would have no meat for breakfast and lunch but may have a little for dinner if I couldn’t resist cutting it out. If you want to implement more veggies in your diet, make the effort of adding more of them to one of your daily meals. Once this habit is created, it’ll result in you increasing your intake of veggies in not one, but every meal. 

4. Do you want to start dressing up more? Pick out your outfits ahead of time. A lot of people tell me they wished they’d put more effort into their outfits but claim they don’t have the time or inspiration to. After I’ve done my nighttime skincare routine, I will go into my closet and pick out my outfit for the next day. Sometimes, I’ll scroll through my Fashion board on Pinterest or my timeline on Instagram or Tumblr first. This can lead to inspiration for what I may want to end up wearing. Following brands and people that bring out your creativity is a great way to constantly wear new looks that you’ve been dying to try.

5. Have a passion you want to turn into a career? Start doing your research. Most of us have big dreams that we hope to turn into a magical reality someday. It may be a lifelong hobby you’ve always wanted to turn into a career, as in the example I’m using. Oftentimes, our hobbies are done in the comfort of our homes, such as writing poetry or song lyrics in your bedroom. If it’s something you want to make into a bigger part of your life, the best way to start is by doing some research. See what you can do to get into the industry of your dreams. Think of any connections you may have. Start putting in some mindful work! I’ve been writing songs since I was a kid, recording covers in the comfort of my bedroom, but I’ve been wanting to make that side passion into something more. The things I’ve learned from a few Google searches have really helped my discovery! Reveal the inner workings within the industry of your dreams by simply picking up your phone and educating yourself.

6. Wanting to go to that dream destination? Set aside money whenever you can. My mom always saves up for trips by starting with quarters. She has a huge jar that she’ll fill up solely with quarters. When she takes it to the bank, her total will oftentimes be over $250! This is a great start to make when wanting to save money. It doesn’t have to be a huge sum put away each week or month. Just making the effort alone to save your money as best as you can will lead to you getting closer to that dream vacay. Don’t be afraid to pick up a couple of extra work shifts (if you can manage) or offering to help your older neighbors with any tasks or labor they can’t do themselves (they tend to be quite grateful and rewarding!). Coming up with smart ways to save and receive more money doesn’t take much effort, but having the willpower to stick to it is what really counts.

Starting small can result in big changes! It can be difficult to jump into a new routine right off the bat. Allowing yourself to take your time and ease yourself into a big, positive change will ultimately be more rewarding and worthwhile. What are some of the steps you’ve taken to achieve your goals? Comment on this post and inspire us!


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Written by @tyrahdae


  • This post was so inspiring! I’m also so over the “new year, new me” trend/quote. It has no meaning left in it. I couldnt agree more that the start to change something is to truly start small and gradually build it up to make it a permanent change.

    One of my main goals for 2020 is to find a job and finally start my career with my graphic design degree. I graduated college over a year ago and put off finding a job for a while because I was content with the job I currently have, but now I’m desperate to take on a new challenge. I’ve applied to numerous jobs, so far, so hopefully I land one soon! Thank you for writing that blog post!

  • This is so helpful, thank you sm✨

  • This year I want to focus on me and figuring out a career path. I’ve been putting it off because I have no idea what I want to do and it’s frustrating, but I know I just need to figure out what interests me the most and go with the flow.

  • I have been struggling the past 4 years with ED and anxiety , I decided this year I’m going to finally get help , and become healthier mentally and physically 🤍🤍

  • This year I really want to focus on what I love the most (theater) I wanna grow as an actress and take every opportunity that comes! I’m ready for the changes and I’m feeling more than motivated to work hard and keep going 🖤

  • I really want to start eating healthier and working out and the advice given was so good! Im definitely going to start doing the things recommended! (:

  • I think that I will try out picking my outfits beforehand, I think it will really help me look more put together, plus it will save me a ton of time.

  • I have been struggling with laziness and like, not being able to navigate through my own mind, but i separated myself from my worries and sat down and actually read this and I’m gonna try to incorporate these in! thanks!

  • really speaks to me. I just found my dream career this year and that’s all I have been doing lately, research. I hope I can make it a reality soon.
  • love this article!!! so helpful. also, love the taylor swift lyrics at the beginning ;) 💓

    Isabella 🦋
  • The dressing up one is so good! I’m going to actually try it out, i have so many ideas for outfits i wanna wear but then i just never end up doing it. Def gonna try it thank youuu🤍😇

  • Thank you for these tips ,all of them literally help me with my new years resolutions I’ve set for this year! Happy New Year Esma :) thank you for creating lovely clothing with a beautiful motto. Sending love from England xx


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