Living With Your Parents After College



Written by: Julia Dolinish


If you are like me, this year isn’t turning out anything as you expected it to. Growing up, many of us dream about moving into our first apartment post-college in the city, decorating, and hustling at a dream job. The movie script for your early twenties. Life doesn’t always work out that way or may take a bit longer than the societal timeline we think we should be on. It can make us feel a bit stuck, stuck in your hometown, stuck in your old routines. 

After college, all my friends started apartment hunting as I packed up and moved back home for grad school and student teaching. I didn’t have the money for rent and it was easier to have the support of my family when I was both student teaching and taking classes. I was still constantly daydreaming about my next step, and saving inspiration to Pinterest. I found myself driving into the city to hang out with friends because there was nothing to do in my home town. I was “stuck in the suburbs”. 

Something interesting is happening because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many people my age are moving back home, or going back to their parent's house because of quarantine/working from home situations where they don’t want to be stuck in the city paying crazy rent. Here are some tips from someone who has been living at home two years after college: 

  • Don’t get yourself down because life isn’t going how you planned. Any timeline you feel like you should be on is made up. 
  • Try to appreciate extra informal time with your family. Take some time to bond with your family members as an adult. 
  • Set up boundaries as much as you can. Don’t shut yourself in your room all day but make sure to find some time to spend alone. 
  • Take time to explore your interests and find yourself! This might feel weird to do at home but take a special time to do things on your own. Anything you could do with friends tries by yourself. This could be taking yourself out for coffee, visiting a local library, museum, or mall. If you have a car, go for drives and play your favorite music. 
  • Redecorate! Especially if you are staying in the same room you grew up in, even changing the layout helps it feel like a new room. 

And lastly remember you still have plenty of time for everything you feel like you may be missing out on. Appreciate this extra time living with your family if you can and don’t get too down on yourself if this isn’t what you planned. We are living through crazy times as it is, and rent can be pricey. Remember you are not the only one in your situation and take it one day at a time. Life isn’t on pause so try and enjoy! xx


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