Elevate Your Morning Routine




Mornings are important for setting the tone for the rest of your day. Starting your day off right can lead to being more motivated and productive. As much as we may love sleeping in, it’s better to plan ahead of time and go to bed at a reasonable hour to be well-rested and refreshed for whatever the next morning may bring. Below are some ways to elevate your routine and make the most of your morning!

  1. Get up a little earlier to make yourself breakfast
  2. Write daily affirmations & reflections
  3. Sit outside or by your window & enjoy your coffee
  4. Take a little extra time (in the morning or the night before) and pick out your outfit
  5. Carve out extra time to do your hair and/or makeup
  6. If you really want a kickstart to your day, get up even earlier and work out
  7. Opt on walking to school or work (if it’s reasonable for you to do so)

What gets you ready and excited for your day? Any special morning rituals you partake in? Let us know!


Cry Baby


  • i love ur blog so much 🥺 it really helped me out when I’m at my lowest 🤍 thank u!!

  • love the idea of number two I just started a journal! what I usually do in the morning to wake up and feel refreshed is to do some yoga/stretches and I like to drink hot water with lemon!🍋💛

  • I will definitely try to add some of these points to my morning routine. I love gettin up early because then I feel like I can do more things done before school. And I love listening to music that makes me feel good in the morning, I feel like it helps being more motivated for the day.

  • i love point #2, that’s so cute! thank you for this blog post, i definitely want to start doing this more

  • I love getting up early to enjoy the start of my day a little more… all of these points are so good! I definitely want to implement more of these to make my mornings even better :)

  • i love how positive this is! i will def be trying some of these out to make my mornings better 🤍


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