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Easy Ways to Love Yourself



Sometimes, it’s hard to love yourself. We are constantly reminded that we need to look better or be happier, and that makes it hard to honestly embrace ourselves just as we are. But it’s so important to our growth and happiness to love ourselves regardless of how we look or feel. Here are some easy ways to remind your body and mind that you love yourself! 

  1. Daily affirmations. It might sound silly to talk to yourself in the mirror, but positive self-talk really makes you think about saying kind things to yourself. 
  2. Quiet time. Reserving time in your schedule just for yourself is important - it shows that you value yourself enough to take some time to relax. 
  3. Set boundaries. This is harder, but it pays off. Setting boundaries shows that you respect yourself enough to say no to things that drain you emotionally, spiritually, or physically. Setting boundaries helps you replenish yourself, so you have the strength to be who you are. 
  4. Follow a healthy diet. Nourish yourself with water and healthy fruits and veggies. Your body will feel happy, healthy, and hydrated!
  5. Get good sleep. Everyone needs their beauty sleep and taking time to rest balances your mind and body.
  6. Take yourself on a date. It doesn’t have to be sad to spend time with yourself. Instead, plan a day devoted to doing your favorite things! You’ll feel like you truly cherish yourself, and you’ll show yourself that you value what you care about. 
  7. Unconditional positive regard. This means that you always think the best about yourself. Create a positive dialogue with yourself that affirms your thoughts and emotions. 
  8. Be curious. When you find yourself feeling down, don’t be afraid to work through how you’re feeling. Instead of avoiding negative feelings, try to understand them. Putting in the work shows yourself how much you value your peace of mind. 
  9. Play up your favorite asset. Feeling self-conscious? Pick something you like about yourself- it could be your eyes or your sense of humor. Compliment that asset to yourself and possibly to a friend. Verbalizing something good about your body or personality crafts a positive self-image that will grow into self-love. 
  10. Live with purpose. This is easier than you think! Living with purpose is as simple as having an intention for the day. Perhaps your intention is to drink more water - this purpose is healthy for you, and you will feel proud of yourself both for setting the intention and accomplishing it. These healthy intentions show your body and mind love. 

Deep self-love takes effort, but it is so rewarding! Having a positive outlook every day changes your perspective towards yourself and helps you embrace who you are. We hope that these tips help you show yourself more self-love, and lead to a positive and healthy self-image. What are some ways that you show yourself love each day?


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  • Going through a lot right now. Instead of focusing so much on something so uncertain, I wish I was taught how to love myself and how to focus on my self-worth, thank you for this.

  • Yo crybaby,u guys should have a Magazine.

  • I feel so happy and beautiful after reading this. Thank you so much! 🤍

  • I definitely needed this, thank you. 🖤

  • Wow I love this ❤️ This has really uplifted me and shows why taking care of yourself is truly important.

    - Samantha May 16, 2020

  • I really need this last September I was hit by a car crossing the street I almost died I suffered severeTrumatic Brain damage I now have short term memory loss and chronic fatigue and two weeks three weeks ago my boyfriend broke up with me because of my injury saying it was too much for him. I felt worthless broken damaged subhuman, It got so bad that I started cutting myself and contemplated suicide I was taken to a mental behavioral facility it was terrifying but now I’m going to therapy I realize that I put all my value into what someone else thought of me. Instead of what I thought of I Thought of me and I’m realizing that I am strong,beautiful, And loving, And I deserve someone that’s on my level 🤍🤍🤍

  • just what i needed rn. i haven’t been loving myself lately and i really should be complimenting myself more 🥺


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