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Living Space Decor Ideas



Making your living space unique to you is special and a fun process. It could also really help you get creative and excited to start your day, clean and just enjoy you-time in your newly decorated room. If you can't purchase anything new, what I usually love to do is just rearrange some things around. It could get boring viewing the same thing every single day. Below is a list of decorations that we thought would be fun to display in your bedroom, living room, office, or kitchen.

  1. Vintage Pink Glass Mushroom Lamp
  2. Neon Heart Light (I have this and makes such a difference to your room)
  3. Vintage Playboy Magazines
  4. Heart Shell Neon Light
  5. Portrait Wall Art
  6. Set of 4 Framed Wall Art
  7. Plants!!! 
  8. Hand-Drawn World Tapestry Map
  9. Rattan Plant Stand
  10. Aspyn Faux Fur Shag Ottoman
  11. Nova Iridescent Mirror
  12. Faye Braided Throw Pillow
  13. Mini Beauty Refrigerator
  14. Lucky Cat Shaped Mug
  15. Squeeze The Day Bath Mat
  16. Female Form Bath Mat
  17. Kayleigh Double Tiered Wall Shelf
  18. Essential Oil Diffuser
  19. Female Form Vase
  20. Venezia Vase

What’s your decorating aesthetic? Do you have a favorite place to shop for decor? Let us know!



Cry Baby


  • I love all of these !! I’m desperately wanting to change up my room and these definitely helped me figure out what I want :)

  • this idea is so cute istg. it’s a mix of cottage core and northern Italy aesthetic. it makes me feel….. like im hidden, hidden with the love of my life. and a cat. in a secret apartment and make home cooked meals everyday, and have our own lil garden in the back. and at night time, the stars and moon shine better than ever. oh also, having a huge collection of vinyls too lol.

  • This fits perfectly since I wanted to redo my room in a neon aesthetic! Thank u so much 🥺🤍

  • this is sooo cute omg!!!! my bank account is screaming!!!!!

  • love these ideas so so much🥺 can’t wait for more articles from you in the future✨


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