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Connecting with your Zodiac

Written by Neha Shah

My zodiac has always been a huge source of clarity and self-improvement for me. Once I figured out what my signs meant, I actually understood how it applied to my life in mysterious ways. I’m a Virgo sun, a Pisces moon, and a Scorpio rising- And it’s now a habit for me to ask people what their signs are to find out more about who they truly are. On the other hand, my best friend has no idea how her sign fits her. Because of this, she can’t connect with horoscopes or signs in the same way. She’s quiet, passive, and hates attention. Would you guess she’s a Leo?

So, I did some digging. And I figured out that there are many people who don’t seem to connect with their sign. After doing some research, I made a list of characteristics of the zodiac signs- except not the ones you’d expect.

Below is a list of the zodiacs and their alternative, polar opposite, and unexpected traits. Hopefully, this can allow people to finally connect with their sign in a way they never have.


Aries: empathetic, gentle, selfless, not easily trusting, cries easily, protective

Taurus: intelligent, witty, worrier, nature-loving, deep thinker, curious

Gemini: soft, music+poetry lover, loyal, introverted, pessimistic, intelligent, detail-oriented

Cancer: mom friend, extrovert, can control their emotions, genuine, strong-willed, independent

Leo: emotional, eye for detail, original, introvert, encourages others, kind, bottles up emotions

Virgo: messy, helpful, chaotic, forgetful, generous, loyal, empathetic, sarcastic, expressive

Libra: opinionated, strong-willed, whimsical, stubborn, hard-working, loyal, attention-loving

Scorpio: sensitive, caring, dependant, reserved, colorful, steadfast, truthful

Sagittarius: introverted, emotionally understanding, strong-minded, family-oriented

Capricorn: generous, extroverted, adventurous, procrastinator, empathetic, intuitive

Aquarius: music-oriented, opinionated, high morals, loving, thinker, ambivert, logical, simple

Pisces: hard-working, imaginative but realistic, humble, attentive, makes their dreams a reality



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