Being Unapologetic in Your Style


Written by Neha Shah 


Who are you? Think about yourself. The music you listen to, your future dreams, and your unique qualities. Does the way you dress every day reflect this? 

In the world we live in today, being unapologetic as a person can be a journey. It requires many steps- self love, acceptance, and bravery. As a 19 year old with an addiction to online shopping, I found that a simple first step to becoming a bolder and better version of myself was through my fashion choices. What did my style say about me specifically? What did it say about my mind and soul? What energy did it send out to the world? 

I’m a business major at a public university in New Jersey, and last semester I caught myself succumbing to my setting. Every morning, I’d walk into class wearing a different variation of the typical old sweatshirt and leggings combo, which, although a classic, became an excuse for me to not use the other 99% of my closet. It became a norm in my mind to avoid getting stared at for wearing something others might perceive as weird. 

One day, I was asked the question, “What are you in school for?” When I replied, “I want to work in the fashion industry,” I was told “I never would have guessed!”. But should I have been surprised, considering my clothing choices every day? It was then that I realized that I was looking at an open door to boldly being myself, and simply avoiding stepping through it because of my fear of being judged. 

So I faced that fear. I woke up slightly earlier the next morning, ate an actual breakfast instead of just downing coffee, and simply got ready. Baggy jeans, distressed and ripped enough to cause stares. Tight, white crop top. Layers of chunky, silver necklaces. Hoops, and a ring on every acrylic-tipped finger. The most 90s, chunky pair of white sneakers I had. Makeup that I hadn’t touched in months. 

Did students stare at me when I walked into class that morning? Did my heart initially race, wondering if I looked dumb and extra? Most definitely. Yet, I did it. And I can look back and say I’m proud I took that step in being an unapologetic person. 

I’ve found that clothes are one of the best forms of self-expression I have. Do you want to channel your inner 2000s, baggy jeans and bright colored self? Your edgy, silver chained, dark makeup look? This is your sign to go for it. Be unapologetically yourself. There’s no one who can do it like you.

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I resonated with this. Next sem about to be a fashion runway 😈

Henry March 24, 2021

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