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Apps have become a part of our everyday lives, whether we use them to navigate somewhere, to upload our latest photos, or to play the latest top games. Sometimes we truly wonder how people survived before smartphones. Keep reading to find out my favorite apps that make my life a little bit easier. I won't be mentioning the common ones like Instagram, Twitter, Bank apps, etc.


Not sure how life was before Venmo. Send and receive money with your loved ones or split the bill with your friends in just a few clicks.


I’ve used this app for a few years now to write down my to-do list as well as any reminders I need. I love this one because you can time any task and everything you write down is tracked each day. As you can tell with the title, I’m obviously a minimalist as well as a visualist. I rarely use the Reminders or Notes app that already comes with the iPhone. I choose this because it’s super simple, really helpful and the design is just so appealing. 


Have a little plant family in your home? Taking care of them has never been so easy. Planta is the ultimate app for plant knowledge and upkeep. You can identify your plants, be reminded to water your plants, learn step by step guides on the best plant care, be given plant recommendations based on your green thumb skills, and more.


I have been using for years, but being able to have it in an app has made life so much easier! Graphic design has never been so accessible and simple. 


Another design app. This one’s mainly for fonts. I download all of the fonts I love straight to this app and create anything that I need with it. 


We all need a little extra help with managing our spending. It’s okay to admit. Mint is an app to help you with just that and much more. Create budgets, track your spending, stay on top of your bills, and check your credit score all on one app.

VSCO, Prequel, Lightroom

My top 3 favorite photo editing apps. You can download these and play around with them to see which you like the best. I’ve been using VSCO for the longest time and if I had to choose one, that would be it.


Are you a frequent traveler? Even if you’re not, this app is a lifesaver when it comes to saving money on flights. Save some of that extra money towards your actual trip instead of towards flying costs.

EWG’s Healthy Living

Wanting to be more mindful about what’s in your beauty and skincare products? How about what’s in your food? EWG’s Healthy Living app helps out with both. All you have to do is scan the questionable product, view its rating, and pick the best choice. 


I used to like Co-Star until I realized it’s not the most accurate. I don’t rely on horoscope daily readings (I think those are just all fun & games) but I do love the actual astrology behind it. I love to read charts, signs, and all of the planet's alignments. It’s just exciting to read and learn all about it.

Pocket Camp, CandyCrush, Tennis Clash & Mario Kart

These are my favorite game apps that I use clearly when I’m bored. I love playing games so let me know some good ones you have on your phone.

What apps can you not live without? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to try some more out.



  • omg I’ve been needing a new notes app so i might use the minimalist one! one of my fave apps is forest. its a timer to keep you off your phone and when you complete it, it plants a tree in your forest :)

  • I love prequel sm. And Pinterest !!🤍

  • Pinterest is one of my go to apps for inspiration on pretty much anything. It has such great features and it’s so fun to scroll through.

  • I personally love Todait, which is a study timer for me to concentrate ❤️

    PS you mentioned Mint twice!❤️

  • i love the app “flo” it’s an app to track your period you can also put it on pregnancy mode so you can see when you have the highest chance of getting pregnant. but i use it for my period tracking and it’s a good app! it also gives information which is really nice. some features cost money but i don’t find the features that necessary, the basic things are free :)

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