8 Reasons Why Crying Is Good For You: The Healing Power of Tears

 8 Reasons Why Crying Is Good For You: The Healing Power of Tears

Society has influenced us into believing that we should hide our emotions and be ashamed of letting our guard down in public. Swallowing our tears and pushing them down can actually do more harm than good. Allowing yourself to open up and accept those feelings has many relieving benefits. We have come up with 8 solid reasons to be okay with crying and how it is beneficial for you. So whenever you need to cry, let it out. Your body will thank you for it.


  1. Crying relieves stress and toxins: Tears actually contain levels of stress hormones, so letting out those tears will also result in letting out the stress you have been building up. They can also release toxins, so think of each time you cry as a bit of a detox. We all need those once and a while, right?
  2. It can help you sleep better: People love to talk about how tired they are or the lack of sleep they have gotten. Allowing yourself to get in a good cry before you drift off can lead to a better night’s sleep! Don’t feel ashamed to cry into your pillow, we have all done it.
  3. Having a good cry can help balance things out: When you cry, you are activating the parasympathetic nervous system, which has the ability to restore the body to a more balanced state. Who knew, right?
  4. It will lift your mood: Holding in your feelings can cause you to feel worse about what you’re already emotional about. Cry it out! It can help lift your spirits and end up in a better mood. Not only do tears release stress hormones, they also release oxytocin and endorphins, which are the “feel good” chemicals.
  5. Crying can aid in relieving pain: Oxytocin and endorphins, as mentioned previously, also help to relieve emotional and physical pain. The power of crying is truly incredible and healing in all ways.
  6. It will help to cleanse and protect your eyes: As weird as this may sound, it is true! This is why many often cry when chopping onions. The chemical released from a cut onion creates sulphuric acid when it hits the surface of the eye. Lots of tears are then produced in order to get rid of it. How crazy!
  7. You can build up your support system: Don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones when in need of emotional support. We often think it is easier to bottle it up and keep it to ourselves, but that is causing more harm than good. Accepting your emotions and letting yourself be vulnerable to those you love and trust can be highly beneficial.
  8. It helps to embrace your emotions: Allowing yourself to cry without shame will help you to embrace your natural reactions and emotions. Crying is a natural reaction to things, whether you are happy, sad, angry, or confused (or everything all at once).

Let those tears flow, babe. Don’t hold yourself back from your emotions, you’re just hurting yourself more by keeping them in. At Cry Baby we strive to promote the normality and acceptance of crying. We’re not just a clothing brand, we’re a community. We love hearing you guys vent to each other in the comments of our Instagram posts and give you any advice that you need. Head over to @crybaby and join in on the discussion. We hope you will feel inspired by our message and show the world that it’s okay to cry.

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 Written by @tyrahdae



  • This made me feel so much better. Also, I love a good cry so thank you for this!!

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  • Give me Tears or give me Death !! ♥

  • This was very helpful and insightful to read as I’m going through a lot in my personal life atm. I’ve been holding back on letting out a good cry from college and life and lately and now I feel less bad about it knowing it’s good for me to do. Crying is always seen as a weakness of sorts, but CryBaby makes it feel like more of a strength, and a superpower to a healing heart. Thank you 🥺

  • I love love love this! Thank y’all so much

    Savannah 💕
  • This simply made my day.🦋⚡️🖤

  • Thank you for this! It truly makes me feel better about myself. I have been crying almost everyday for the past 13 days.. I don’t have anyone I trust to talk about how I’m feeling without judgement or knowing that they’ll go behind my back to talk about the things I want to talk to them about so I end up having multiple mini breakdowns throughout the day and just cry until I feel like I’m alright. And crying as much as I have I usually do end up feeling a bit better until I get that urge to cry again. Thank you for being here for us all and normalizing the power of crying! 🖤

  • I was literally just crying because of the Disney medley Jimmy Fallon did with Kristen bell. I always cry at things like that.

  • this made me cry :’) I actually love crying. Like a lot. I’m so glad this post exists because crying is one of the best abilities I have that makes me feel human and raw and honest with myself. 💗

  • Love how the image is of a black woman crying first of all. It’s rare black women are allowed to show their emotions without being called crazy of emotional. So the inclusivity of this very post actually means a lot of the bat. But everyone, everywhere needs to read this post. Crying is so healthy. It’s okay to have emotions. The sooner you embrace them the sooner you can come up with a solution. Who knew crying could be so cleansing and just generally healthy. 💓 the best!

  • This is so empowering on so many levels. Thank you!


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