5 Ways to Switch Up Your Coffee Order



Oftentimes, we get into a routine of ordering the same thing at a coffee shop. This, while it is incredibly convenient and easy, can quickly become boring and repetitive. If you’re wanting to branch out with your coffee order, but don’t know where to start, consider our five suggestions!

  1. Switch up your milk

You may find that you really love almond milk instead of soy, or skim instead of whole! While this may seem like a silly change, it can really change the taste of your coffee. (Always feel sick and bloated after your morning latte? It might be because of the milk you’re drinking!)

  1. Ask for the barista’s opinion

They make coffee, so they ought to know best. Ask what their favorite drink is or ask them to surprise you! Make it fun!

  1. Change the temperature

A sucker for iced drinks? Try your usual order hot! (Or vice versa.) You may have a new found love by just changing your go-to drink’s temperature.

  1. Get creative

Try a combination of syrups you’ve always been curious about (vanilla and hazelnut or almond and mocha are my favorite combinations). If you don’t like your drinks super sweet, ask for half the syrup.

  1. Look up interesting recipes online

There are many coffee recipes that people have come up with to taste like a certain thing (Reese’s? Snickerdoodle? Snickers?). Do a quick search and ask if your barista if they have the supplies to make it. If not, ask if they’d be willing to try to make their own version of the recipe!

How do you like your coffee?


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I love having my coffee iced, doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer… hot coffee is just not my vibe loll :)

Actually took the first advice and switched my normal milk to almond milk and it added a completely different flavour, highly recommend it! When I make my own coffee at home, I use the “Crafted for Home” Unsweetened Blonde Roast with the Silk Original Almond Milk!

reina September 09, 2021

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