This is getting....

This is getting....:


way out of hand. This is to all those people who EVER feel like no one cares about them, or they feel self doubt, want to die, want to be washed away from this world…
You may think that if you leave the world that life will be easier and no one will remember you, but you don’t realize once you’re gone. You arn’t coming back. You are leaving people who truly care about you behind and leaving a scar on their heart. One that they will have to wear for the rest of their lives until their dying day.
Just sit down, take a deep breath, and make a list of the people who love you and care about you. Even if it’s just one person. Make them the reason you live. Let them be your motivation to carry on.

I’ve been bullied 9 years of my life. I’ve pushed through broken glass and walked through flames 20 feet tall.
But no matter how hard it was I still got through it and I’m here today.
Don’t let the glass cut your skin, and don’t let the flames burn your mind and soul.
Carry on and let the world know you are here. Show everyone you are strong.

and to the people who tell others to go “kill themselves”
You should be 100% ashamed of yourselves. Think about what you’re saying before you go and say it. You people are the reason the suicide rates are so high. Maybe instead of increasing them, you should start talking people OUT of it.