This girl is the most fakest person ever on Tumblr. - She talks to me whenever she needs something. She begged me for a theme and I said yes. I worked hard on it, and did everything she wanted, and she didn’t really like the first one so I changed it and made a whole other one, I put hard work and than she goes like “OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE IT ALOT CAN YOU SEND ME THE CODE RIGHT NOW” so I send everything for her, a week later she deletes it and tells this other girl that “THE BANNER/THEME WAS SO UGLY I DIDN’T LIKE IT”, idk where it is right now, and deletes me from everything, I send her messages and she doesn’t even reply to anything. And we used to be friends on Facebook and we would talk like almost everyday, after she got what she wanted, she doesn’t need me anymore or anyone else. So now what? I don’t need you either now. Oh and did I mention, I got her almost 2,000+ followers. She talks to you when she needs something, that’s it. Don’t talk to me again, Bye.