What is their role?

A crybaby's role is all about selflessness and putting others first. They tell friends it's okay to cry, and share their feelings. A little bow is always with them, in their hair, on a bracelet, or deep in their heart. Most importantly, they're the biggest supporters of Cry Baby, spreading the word and promoting the brand everywhere.

Their enchanted task is making charming content for the brand, bringing its clothing and accessories to life with a sprinkle of magic. They ensure timely delivery of videos and images that perfectly mirror the brand's tone and aesthetic.


Who is a crybaby?


Required tasks for crybaby:

♡ You must be 18 years old.

♡ We’re looking for crybabies who can show our clothes to your audience and to our world. We’ll be honest, we will be choosing based off of your social media posting history. This means you have to have a history of aesthetic images that speaks to us. It doesn’t matter what color or aesthetic your feed is, whether it’s a super cute, pink filled feed, or a dark feminine, femme-fatale style feed, or even something more calm and clean.

We’ll know right away if you’ve got what it takes to showcase our clothing in your tone. Also, if you post only once a month, this is probably not for you. :(

♡ You must sign a contract before we ship out your new clothes and meet deliverables.

♡ We will gift each individual crybaby our selection of new items. 

♡ If we choose you for TikTok content, you are required to create and post a minimum of 2 videos each time you are gifted. 

If we choose you for Instagram, you must do a minimum of 3 stories and 1 reels, as well as provide us with a minimum of 4 images to use for our feed.

Extra things that would make you stand out:

♡ We would love short, honest reviews of our clothing, whether it's in the form of a quick video or a simple sentence. This helps us share your thoughts with our world and make any necessary improvements.

Feel free to promote our brand in your own way, whether it's through sharing our content, showcasing our products on your pages, or just by explaining what the brand represents.

♡ Most importantly, have fun being a crybaby, keep it light and grow with us!

What's in it for you?

♡ Be a part of our community and access to our private chat that includes our founder as well as other members of our society.

♡ You will receive exclusive accessories and clothing, including Cry Baby Society crewnecks, socks, tote bags, stickers, and more, all specially curated for our members.

♡ Have VIP access and be included to our upcoming pop-up shops, events and dinners!

♡ Have the chance to design a Cry Baby piece and be the first to view our upcoming releases!


Please fill out the form below if you're interested in joining. 
We will not be sending out acceptance letters til mid/late November.