Up and Coming Artists You Should Keep An Eye On


Up and Coming Artists You Should Keep An Eye On

Music is a beautiful thing that connects people in a way other art forms cannot. It allows people to feel deep emotions of sadness, happiness, and everything in between. A certain song can move us to tears or to dance. Music is so powerful. There’s something magical about discovering a new favorite song, album, or artist. This article shares three up and coming musical artists that we believe you should keep your eye on.



  1. Sarah Close

Getting her start on YouTube, this singer/songwriter has been following her dreams since 2009. After getting dropped by her first record label in 2018, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own label - The Kodiak Club. Sarah Close has released a total of 10 songs, along with a few acoustic versions and remixes. This indie-pop artist has a pure voice, using fun instrumentals and well-crafted lyrics in each of her songs.

Our song suggestion: “Almost”



  1. Ruel

This 17-year-old Australian singer has been making waves since he started releasing music in 2017. Defining himself as an alternative pop artist, this young vocalist already has 3 awards under his belt, including ARIA Music Awards’s “Breakthrough Artist” in 2018. With 2 EPs and over 6,000,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, this kid is going places. Ruel’s voice has a unique, soulful tone that is hard to find in such young artists.

Our song suggestion: “Painkiller” or “Free Time”



  1. Wafia

I had to do some research to find the perfect artist to wrap up the three. Thanks to Refinery29, Wafia appeared onto my computer screen. Wafia, another Australian musician, has already captured the attention of Pharrell and other fellow music lovers. Her electronic pop music is refreshing and is well worth listening to.

Our song suggestion: “I’m Good”


Have you heard of any of these three artists prior to reading this article? We have already been fans of Ruel and knew a little about Sarah Close, but Wafia was a new, fresh face for us. Are there any singers that you love that aren’t globally known yet? Be sure to leave a comment letting us know, we’re always wanting to discover new music!


Cry Baby

Written by @tyrahdae



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  • I love how you mentioned Ruel. I love his music so much, y’all should definitely listen to his song gospel (you can only find it on YouTube because its unreleased).

  • Check out The Eden Project!!!! His music is really good, and some songs of his that I recommend are XO, Drowning, and his version of Crazy In Love by Beyonce is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love this!! Especially bc I am always looking for new artists to listen to

  • please check out jacob whitesides, olivia o’brien, lennon stella, FLETCHER, & social house 🖤 super unique indie and amazing artist i’ve been loving since the beginning ! they’re so talented and underrated and i would love for more ppl to check them out (:

  • iiola is also such a good underrated artist! i love her entire discography.


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