How to Prepare for Coronavirus


By this time, I’m sure you are all well aware (and pretty concerned) about the virus that has not only swept the nation but the entire world. We understand how concerning this is, so we wanted to share five tips on how to be more prepared and aware of the disease, while simultaneously continuing to live life and not completely shut down (even though that’s what all of our schools have done). This topic may be controversial depending on your stance with it, but the facts are facts - we need to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy. Let’s work together so this frustrating time can pass soon.

  1. Yes, please wash your hands

There have been a lot of posts coming out online with songs to sing in your head that are around 40 seconds long (which is how long you should be washing your hands). Find one that you can remember so washing your hands doesn’t start to feel like a chore. It’s so important!

  1. If you can find some, carry hand sanitizer with you at all times

It’s crucial to be aware of your surroundings and what you’re touching during this outbreak. Use the same motions you do when washing your hands when you put on hand sanitizer (this time, for 20-30 seconds) - it will be much more effective.

  1. Make disinfecting wipes your new friends

Wipe down your phone, your computer, your credit cards, the handles of your purse… anything you touch frequently throughout the day will be more easily contaminated. It’s all about being mindful (yet calm - try not to stress yourself out too intensely!).

  1. Start planning to take off school or work

Be prepared and get stuff done, that way, if your school or workplace shuts down (or you get sick and need to take time off), you won’t fall far behind. The world is going to keep moving, don’t allow this to shut down your life. Keep living, keep loving, and keep a positive mindset as best you can.

  1. Come up with things to do when you’re stuck at home

Make a list of new TV shows or movies to watch, dedicate more time to doing the things you love (singing, writing, drawing, etc.), work out, appreciate the time you have with your loved ones - you might get really bored if you have to stay home for a while, so be sure to not get yourself into a rut and continue to do things that stimulate your brain and energize you!

It’s okay to be worried about the safety of your health and of those you love. It’s okay to become more cautious of your surroundings and everything you touch. It’s okay to stay home if you’re not feeling well. Just remember that life is precious, don’t let one day pass without spreading love and kindness. We wish you all good health, safe travels, and peace over this situation. You are all in our thoughts.


Cry Baby


  • Thanks for sharing these tips. My school has shut down and we all have to stay at home and we all have to be very cautious so this def helps a lot

  • Thanks for number 5 I’m so bored at home and I don’t really know what to do with my time

  • My college shut down , and I found out my job may be closing down soon because of this :( it’s scary but there’s so little to do except take precautions.

  • I love #3. I already do this and I feel like more people should ! Thanks for this post ! much love💗

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I’m pretty anxious on a normal day, so these past few days have been so rough-especially for those of us who can’t afford to not go to work. Thanks for always spreading love and positivity Cry Baby!!

  • thank you for sharing about this ♡


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