1. No one has seen her.. on webcam or anything.. when she takes videos for people she hides her face.
  2. She says she doesnt have a “phone”, yet in all her pictures she is holding a phone..
  3. “Shane” has never met her, yet she always says “brb I’m gonna go have sex with him..” while he never even saw her face on video or anything. Neither has this other kid Ramon - the guy she “LOST HER VIRGINITY TOO” has never seen her..
  4. And when Ramon met her on the internet, she used a different girls photos then she said she lied and was like this is really me and showed the blonde girl.
  5. All her friends on facebook.. have like zero friends.. and all the photos they are tagged in are from her.
  6. All she talks to are people from the internet.
  7. Her friend “liz” she is a pretty girl, yet no one commented on her photos except for Brooke.
  8. When brooke deactivated her facebook, so did her best friend “Liz” and her “mom” and “sister”.
  • If you look at all her friends on Facebook, the photos they are in are only with Brooke or tagged from Brooke.. especially when they are decent looking people, wouldn’t they have more comments/likes & I guarantee their profiles wouldn’t look as fake as they do.. also when “Brooke” deactivated her Facebook, she deactivated half of her friends list.. which is evident that she created those accounts herself. & why is it that on Facebook.. the only people Brooke associate herself with are from the internet. 
  • So stop taking sides, unfollowing me, and bitching out on me cause she’s totally fake.