Hi my name is Shainah. This is me without the makeup. Last night...

Hi my name is Shainah.

This is me without the makeup.

Last night 3 girls and 1 boy verbally abused me.

I was called a circus freak, candle wax face, ugly bitch, deformed girl, “it”, a monster, wierd looking creature and many other hurtful names.

I was born with a bilateral clef lip protruding to my left eye. The umbilicul cord was wrapped around my face in the womb so my face didnt fully develop. I wasnt born with cheek bones because like I said my face didnt develop correctly. They had to take my rib and use it as replacement cheekbones.

My eyes arent perfect either. I had a tumor in the right one.

I wasnt born with any nasal passages. They had to pierce the inside of my nose. For an entire year my mom would have to put tubes down my nose to my lungs so I could breathe. 

I’m not telling my story for sympathy or “reblogs” (reblog if you want) My main message is that after having 27 surgeries I am strong and I will not let words hurt me. Don’t be ignorant and make fun of someone whose story you know nothing about.

I’m lucky that I’m alive. 

My scars don’t define me. Instead they tell a story. They tell everyone around me, AND remind me each day that I am a survivor and I am a strong woman. Even the strongest of people break down sometimes. Please remember that words hurt. I may be strong but some girls aren’t.